True Soul Movie Plot And Ending Explained, Jessica Watson traveling the world?

True Soul Plot Synopsis

  It’s 2009, and young Australian teenager Jessica Watson, already a 16-year-old amateur sailor, has vowed to sail around the world alone. Despite everything stacked against him, including a failed test run and wanting to call off his trip due to safety concerns, he remains committed to his dream, even though it’s expensive to do so.  

 Adding to the already obvious danger placed before her is Jessica’s dyslexia. When you’re at sea it can be hard to read coordinates and maps as they are, but add dyslexia on top of that and it’s a huge struggle.

  Despite all the setbacks, is Jessica still following her dream?

  Jessica’s first and only test run didn’t go too well. He forgot to activate his ship’s alarms and was asleep when the freighter crashed into his boat. The press is having its best day. People are lashing out at her parents for letting her go ahead with her plan to travel the world alone for 7 months. Plus, Jessica’s boat is badly damaged and Jessica is having trouble reading the coordinates.

  Jessica’s spirits are slightly broken when her mentor Ben asks her to go somewhere with him. They enter the boat repair dock and find Jessica’s boat being repaired by all the people. His family shows up and they all jump in to help. This gives him the dose of courage he needs and he decides to pursue his dream.

  How does Jessica deal with loneliness and depression?

  Jessica has come so far. He has now spent many days at sea and achieved a lot, but there is one problem – no wind. After a few days of no progress, he begins to feel depressed and loses motivation. He stops answering his family’s calls and struggles to complete his daily tasks.

  But he is strong. He remembers why he’s doing it and gets his act together. Eventually, the wind returns and he is on his way again.  

 Jessica Watson traveling the world?

  Jessica talks to her sister on the phone while watching the weather. A casual conversation turns serious when Jessica asks her sister to put her mother on the phone. There is very bad weather ahead. Jessica talks to Ben and his family, who asks her to do the safer thing, which is to give up and find a port. But Jessica doesn’t listen; instead, he decides to stay with the mega storm.

  His boat capsizes over and over until it capsizes underwater. Just when you think it’s over, the boat defends itself and surfaces. He knows he can do it now, and he does. He proudly returns to Sydney, where 80,000 Australians are waiting to welcome him. He returns it and fulfills his wish.

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