Tomo Chan Season 1 Episode No 5 Recap And Review

Episode Recap 

Tomo-chan is a girl, Episode 5 starts with Tomo and Misuzu coming over to Carol’s place to hang out. Carol’s mother greets them at the front door and mistakes Tom for a boy. Inside, Carol’s mother greets Tomo and Misuzu. Carol takes her friends to her room and Tomo is amazed by the beautiful things scattered around.  

Misuzu reminds Tomo that Carol showed Tomo pictures of herself when she was young, rich as Carol. Misuzu leaves to use the bathroom, but Carol’s mother stops her. While going to the bathroom, Carol’s mother asks Misuzu if she is a “bad person” because she saw him mistreat Carol. Misuzu asks Carol’s mother how Misuzu would feel if she only wanted to be friends with Carol for her money. Carol’s mother laughs and makes Misuzu feel lost.

    The segment ends with Carol’s mother hugging Misuzu and Tomo and telling them to stay anytime. The next set piece begins with Tomo and Misuzu planning a study group to prepare for their midterms. Carol asks to join the session and Misuzu accepts. Jun asks Tomo if he wants to study with him, but Misuzu puts him in his place, so Tomo declines his offer. Tomo is surprised that Misuzu didn’t try to get him and Jun together.

  Misuzu argues that she should be allowed to do this whenever she wants. Tomo hasn’t been invited to her place since childhood. Misuzu reminds Tomo that she used to always break things when she was a kid. Misuzu’s mother enters the room and mistakes Tomo for Akemi’s mother. He is not impressed by Carol and, like Misuzu, harbors an aversion to her. In Misuzu’s room, they try to practice equations using his method.

However, Carol surprises the two by solving the equation in a simpler way. Tomo is impressed by Carol’s intelligence, angering Misuzu. Misuzu celebrates the holidays and says that showing one’s work is important to earning credit. As they continue, Tomo and Carol praise Misuzu for her knowledge. Tomo says that if Misuzu can teach him his ways, he can attend the same university as him. This shocks Misuzu as she thought Tomo would want to attend the same university as Jun.

  Carol asks if she can attend the same college as Misuzu, and Misuzu says that’s fine. After midterms, everyone checks their scores. Tomo was number 70, while Misuzu and Carol were number two and number one. The segment ends with Carol mocking the two for their rank. The final segment begins with Jun asking Tomo to go to his place to play video games. Tomo accepts and meets up with Misuzu and Carol to discuss his concerns about the evening. He tries to tell Jun that he can’t go, but Misuzu and Carol convince him that it’s the best option. After class, Jun asks Tomo to go home with him today, but Tomo says he’s hanging out with Misuzu and Carol.

  At home, Tomo tells his mom and dad that he’s staying at Jun’s house tonight. Jun tells Tomo that his mother won’t be here tonight, so they will be alone. The two eat some of Jun’s curry and discuss everything. After finishing their bath, the two play some video games. Tomo loses every time and mocks Jun for being a “playboy” in the past. They become intimate and go to bed early at night. In bed, Jun tells Tomo that he had a lot of fun and wonders if they will have more experiences like this. Tomo falls asleep before confessing his feelings to Jun. Tomo takes the opportunity to examine Jun’s facial features.  

This leads to Jun catching Tomo in his sleep and sleeping with him. She wakes up to find Tomo sleeping next to her and is excited. Tomo leaves and thinks about what happened between him and Jun. The episode concludes with Tomo discovering that his relationship with Jun has changed drastically since their play session.

  Episode Review

  Having our heroes spend time alone eating curry and playing video games was a great idea for the author. Not only does this stay true to Tomo’s boyish nature, but it also makes sense considering Jun is a “playboy”. The first segment doesn’t offer much other than introducing us to Carol’s mother.

  Many people will enjoy the situational humor that permeates each segment. Comedy is one of the things that Tomo-chan being a Girl gets right every time. Whether it’s Misuzu disrespecting Carol or Tomo getting embarrassed when girly topics come up, the show knows how to provide enough enjoyable antics to keep the audience laughing.

  On that note, this episode fleshes out Carol’s character a decent amount. Although he can act as a fool, he can be cunning and clever when the time calls for it. Misuzu also shows more of a caring personality or lust for attention. It was heartwarming to see Tomo’s quick change of demeanor when she told him she wanted to go to the same college as him.

  This shows that Misuz cares about her friend and wants her to succeed. Although I wish the anime had a story structure of one set per episode, there are enough significant developments in some of them that it doesn’t bother me too much. As Jun and Tomo become more intimate, I hope the anime introduces a series of obstacles that will help further strengthen the bond between Tomo and Jun.

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