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Hulu’s newest action movie is more about style than substance. Headlined by Joey King’s adventure-filled performance, The Prince focuses on the eponymous title character’s desperate attempts to fight off an army of men to save his family. Dominic Cooper plays Prince Julius, a villain who wants the hand of the princess to rule the kingdom.

  If you’re looking for something other than popcorn fun and violence, “Princess” is a decent choice. Like the unusual construction of the castle, there are some confusing plot points. 

 How did the princess arrive?

 What is the history between Julius and King?

The scriptwriters also chose not to name their characters to maintain the appearance of universality. This is a nice touch, but quite frustrating when it comes to decoding movies. In this article, we will try to touch on all such points in the story that seem weak at first glance and answer the question of what the answer really is.

  How was the prince chained?

  Although very little background is given in the film, here it goes. So when he came of age, the King wanted an heir to the throne. At that time, women were not considered legal. The position of women, especially in the royal hierarchy, was not much different from that of the lower classes.

  This is also demonstrated in the scene where Moira fights Linh and Princess in the kitchen. The two suffer the same fate at the hands of Julius and the King respectively. Men easily rejected the other love, no matter how capable or worthy they were of wearing the mantle.  

  He goes to Julius, but ultimately refuses to carry the ring. This is because he must be the one to take the throne. Not only is he trained in combat, but he also has a first-rate education to rule intelligently.

  Unfortunately, the customs of the time do not allow the King to foresee such a thing and therefore force him to marry Julius. Against his will, they take him prisoner and keep him chained in the tower. It must be kept “clean” and ready for the wedding night. But he has other ideas.


  The character of Julius belongs to the Hobbesian tradition, where taking something by brute force is considered an act of courage. Julius has this mentality and sees the King as a weak man. He believes that if the status quo remains, the security of the Kingdom will be in great danger. 

 We also hint at possible connections between the King and Julius’s father. It is not specified, but the history between them suggests that the two men understand each other from the inside. Therefore, Julius was sure that he would easily overthrow the current King with his wild army and take the throne.

  How does Linh manage to escape?

  Linh is a brave warrior who risks her life for the Princess. She is Khai’s daughter, who appears in chains for most of the film. The two were part of the royal army and taught the soldiers the art of fighting without the use of many weapons.

  When the princess finds Linh in her room, she is told how the coup happened. Julius attacked in the middle of the night and without warning. The strength of his mercenaries was too much for the king’s army and royal guard. They were easily overpowered and most of the townspeople and members of the royal family were taken hostage by Julius. He didn’t kill them all to gain legitimacy, but Linh reacted quickly and escaped through secret doors in the palace.

  He and Prince have a deep understanding of where the passages are and where they lead. Throughout the film, we see that the two use these passages to get from one corner to another, while the savages are busy collecting their loot. It was also important because if he didn’t do it, the Prince wouldn’t be able to keep up the pressure just in case.

How does the princess end?

    Princess, Violet and Linh manage to reach the armory in the tower where all the weapons and shields are stored.

  They proceed with their plan to defeat Julius. Violet will secretly go to Khai and free all the hostages with the help of a small knife. He goes through secret passages and begins his work. Meanwhile, Linh and Princess begin their difficult task of taking on Julius’s men. With newfound weapons and great combos, they defeated almost everyone.

  Violet quietly goes about her business, but is found by Julius. Tired of how long this was taking, he then led Violet to the altar and married her to become King. This continues how much of a maniac Julius is. He wanted the throne not for the benefit of the people, but because of his lust for power.

  Khai manages to free all the hostages and they escape. Moira and the Prince face off again. Only this time, the hero is able to defeat and kill him, just like he tried to kill the Princess in the previous kitchen fight scene.

  Linh fights Julius, but he wins, surprisingly good in combat. The prince enters and duels Julius, but is subdued. He walks over to the crowd of people who have now gathered to witness the final blows. He’s on his knees and then something magical happens. 

 He remembers his lessons with Linh and uses the calmness, patience, and focus from his training to confuse Julius and knock him in the head with a punch.

  Like Ed in The Office, he is beheaded. The king declares her the next heir to the throne and they live happily ever after.

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