The Peripheral Amazon Prime New Web Series Season 1 Episode No 8 Recap And Review

The Peripheral Season 1

Episode No 8 Recap And Review 

The season finale of The Peripheral begins with a flashback to 2028 at Walter Reed Medical Center. Flynne sits next to Conner in the hospital bed. He says he wishes he could restart like he often does in his sims – go back to the dog and shoot him instead.  

Tommy sits in his car and looks at the guns in his hand. He puts them back in the evidence bag and radios for help. ENT Corbell finds a pulse on Pickett when the police and EMS arrive. Later, the police officers are informed about gunshots heard near the medical center and Tommy runs there with them. He finds Dee Dee and the couple embracing.

  Inspector Lowbeer proposes an alliance for Flynne, Burton and Conner. He offers them his resources to navigate the future Jackpot in exchange for services like Periphery. Flynne says she wants Lowbeer to help her mother recover. Lowbeer consults the aunts and returns with the news that nothing more can be done to help Ella. Everything that could be tried happened. He says that Ella has 23 days to live. Flynne leaves the Periphery and wakes up in her own world, distraught. Burton comforts her.

  Later that night, Flynne and Ella talk. Ella tells her that when she was first diagnosed, she felt that Flynne would finally be able to live her life. Flynne insists she already has and wouldn’t have it any other way. But Ella wants Flynne to have the chance to become whatever she wants to be. He says his father called Flynne his little oak because of its potential to grow into a giant oak tree. Ella tells Flynne to promise to let this power grow.

  Ash approaches Cherise Nuland and informs her that R.I.’s information is in Flynne’s head. He asks Nuland if he can stop Zubov from getting his hands on it. Nuland says he will, but at an unimaginable price – he’ll speed up the Jackpot on the stub to get rid of Flynne, in turn destroying decades of research.  

  Flynne enters the periphery and wakes up on a bench next to Wilf. He apologizes that his mother’s recovery seems certain. He says he doesn’t have many memories of the house he lived in with his family or even the transit camp. During a raid on the camps, her father was captured and Aelita was put in charge of Wilf. They were on the streets for three years, then they were caught and adopted. They ran away again and lived alone in their little “kingdom” for eight months. They even had a flag – a hand without a thumb, because Aelita believed that the opposable thumb was the origin of all human sins. When Wilf fell ill, Aelita gave up everything to bring him back.

Wilf tells Flynne that he wants to tell her something, but he can’t because Lowbeer can listen to anything. He suggests that they be tied together so that he can gauge her thoughts from her feelings. They do so. Flynne loudly calls out the names of Lowbeer, Zubov, Aelita, and then herself. Her memories trigger feelings that Flynne can understand. Wilf says his name out loud and gauges Flynne’s reaction. Now aware of their feelings for each other, Flynne and Wilf smile at each other. He asks her about where she ran away with Aelita.

  Ash and Ossia see Wilf and Flynne rushing to look for Aelita.  

  Flynne and Wilf go to what is now a public park. They find the periphery of the smaller Aelita waiting for them. He insists Flynne go because her peripheral eyes and ears can be used by others. Flynne leaves. Aelita tells Wilf that the implant in their head is being used to suppress memories. The memories he started to remember when he pulled himself out. He tells Wilf that the Klepts killed their families. Five million people were killed in less than two weeks because of the fear of contagion spreading. Other people surround them and Aelita reveals that she collects people like them. Now all they need is the information in Flynne’s head.

  Jasper and three of Pickett’s crew are sitting at the bar. They fire Jasper and insult him for not being able to do anything but keep the cars clean. When they go home, Jasper is seething. He stops the car in the middle of the railway and gets off. He calls his wife, Billy Ann. He remembers the monopoly game he lost. Billie Ann had told him then not to mistake weakness for kindness. But Billy tells Ann that she married him because of how kind he is. This distracts Jasper, but it’s too late, a train arrives and crashes into the car before he can stop it.

  Flynne enters the periphery and finds herself with Ash. He realizes that Ash already knew. Ash confesses everything.

  Flynne forces Conner to enter her periphery. It tells him what happened and that he needs to open a new stub. He asks her if she will start again.

Flynne meets with Lowbeer to discuss their alliance. Lowbeer can’t open a new stub for Flynne, but he can show her how. Flynne insists Burton was unaware of the plan. So Cherise would think that Lowbeer was helping Flynne while her world was being saved from destruction. Lowbeer sends Flynne to one of RI’s auxiliary sites known as the draft portal. Flynne fights the guards there. Cherise understands and watches him do it. Inside, Flynne finds a pocket watch that he uses to activate the stub portal. He tells Cherise that Flynne will never be able to find Cherise if she knows exactly where she is. Flynne crushes the clock.

  A flashback to Conner and Flynne’s conversation reveals that Flynne plans to kill herself in her world so Cherise doesn’t blow it up. He needs Conner, as if Louber hired someone to do it. He promises that they will return to London because he wants to see Cherise dead.

  In Clanton, Flynne walks by the creek and Conner is nearby with a sniper rifle. As Flynne counts down from him, he remembers all his memories with his loved ones. Gunfire echoes through the air.

  Flynne wakes up from the periphery in London. Lowbeer asks if they should go to work.

  A post-credits scene shows Lev Zubov and his wife arriving at a sophisticated facility. His wife sees three old men waiting for Zubov and asks him what he is doing. After he leaves, Zubov goes to their table. The men told him that Zubov’s father was not feeling well and came to talk instead. They talk to him about his recent actions that put Klept at risk. They encourage him to investigate in R.I., but tell him to make sure no assets are tied to him — or they’ll have to cut down the whole proverbial tree. After the men subtly threaten his wife and children, they tell Zubov to “burn his wound.”

  Episode Review

  While the end of the episode was a nice set up for the next season, there are a few moments that really don’t fit. First, a statement about Aelita. If we had been given more clues as to what he was up to, it would have made more sense to reveal that he basically intended to start a revolution. And therefore, shoot more.

  Instead, he is out of left field and as an audience we are expected to ride along with him without seeing any of his journey. Everything about her and Wilf’s repressed memories and the murder of their family is brand new information for the audience. How, then, can you expect the emotional impact to strike the right note?

  A few other character descriptions don’t seem convincing. Wilf’s reaction to meeting a sister he thought was dead is surprisingly lukewarm. Flynne’s animosity toward Cherise is appropriate, but why doesn’t she feel the same way about Aelita, who got her into this mess? Why does Ash go to Cherise only to confess to Flynne almost immediately?

  As with the rest of the season, this episode has some action-packed parts. While each is interesting in its own way, it never really comes together as a whole. But despite its unstable structure, the characters of Periphery are fascinating and compelling enough to make one want to watch a second season.

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