The Peripheral Amazon Prime New Web Series Season 1 Episode No 6 Recap And Review

The Peripheral Season 1

Episode No 6 Recap And Review 

Episode 6 of The Peripheral begins in 2028, in the Texas Outback, where Burton and his team are stationed while on duty. Ahead of them, stuck in a barbed wire fence, a dog howls for help. They discuss whether to help it or not. Burton wants to use wounded animals to shoot him because of the information they received about the enemy. Others do not believe. Conner disagrees and runs to help the dog anyway. While cutting the wires, he sees the dog armed with a bomb. As it explodes, Conner screams, waking up in the present.

  As a woman walks through the countryside with her dog, another woman, Beatrice, appears. Beatrice tells him that the break is due to the murder of a man named Daniel, whose throat was slit by a coid. The surroundings fade out to show two women on the roof of a building in central London.

  In Clanton, Tommy tries to find out what caused the accident, but can’t find out without permission. While cleaning the washroom, Sheriff Jackson comes in and tells Tommy to take paid leave and get some rest. He advises her to control the fire in her stomach. After she leaves, Tommy notices a pair of feet in one of the bathroom stalls. The shoes are similar to the ones he saw at the scene of the accident.

    When Flynne asks why people stay away from them, Wilf tells her that it’s R.I. It is an increase by Flynne. He says it’s meant to boost morale. He does the same with the rest of his surroundings and notices several tall buildings disappearing and others losing their shiny appearance to reveal their broken exteriors. If RI can do this, FLynne wonders, what else are they hiding?

  Wilf and Flynne go to meet the manufacturers who make Aelita’s peripherals. Wilf learned them through the chips he took from the fairy. Flynne says Cherise claims she stole something. They wonder if Aelita has found a way to upload the stolen data to Flynne’s stub.

  They arrive at a butcher’s shop, where Wilf asks the man behind the counter for a frog in a hole. At first he refuses. Flynne makes up a story about how he protested the manufacturer of the peripheral because he could find a better manufacturer. The man rises to the challenge. He checks Flynne’s periphery and tells her she can do it, offering her retractable titanium nails. He asks if he can replace one eye with a human eye. The question causes an argument between them. Flynne effectively brings down both him and his colleague.  

Left alone, Flynne asks Wilf if he knows Aelita is a Neoprime. He doesn’t answer. Flynne says she’s sorry.

  In Clanton, Conner’s car stops working and he struggles to fix it. Although Conner is not happy about it, someone calls Macon who comes and helps him. He asks Macon about the technology the Fishers are using. He questions whether he can live permanently in the future with his body kept alive by tubes. Macon says his physical body won’t take too kindly to that.

  At Lev Zubov’s house, Ash builds peripherals for Conner and Burton.

  Dee Dee runs some tests on Tommy and tells him he has a concussion and needs to rest. They argue when Tommy insists on going out and doing something. He says he can’t avoid it.

  Corbell and his wife, Mary, prepare dinner, while an unconscious Bob sits at the table. Then he wakes up with a metal collar around his neck. When he tries to attack Corbell, Mary uses the remote to activate the collar and give him an electric shock.

  Because Conner suffers from nightmares, Leon convinces Conner to let him cut loose. They use haptic technology to connect to each other and Leon takes Conner’s pain. He experiences flashbacks and doubles over in pain, but it’s over within seconds and Conner is seen sleeping peacefully.

  In London, Ash sees Dee Dee researching the bacteria she found on Flynne’s body. Inspector Ainsley Lowbeer, a former police inspector, arrives at the Zubov residence. He wants to talk to Lev and Wilf. Lev cannot call his lawyers because the phones are closed. They are forced to invite him inside.

  Tommy tells Burton that he is being targeted and that Bob is with Corbell Pickett.  

At their house, Mary tries to get Bob to talk because Corbell promises her a car in exchange. Bob asks her about the water in the big fish tank nearby, and she says it’s fresh water. Bob hides a heavy paper hammer behind his back and makes his way to the tank as they continue to talk. He breaks the tank with a paperweight and the water rushes into the room, knocking them over. When Mary tries to shock her, Bob grabs her leg and electrocutes her. After a few seconds, Bob’s eyes open.

  When Zubov talks about calling his lawyers, Inspector Louber tells him that he will simply arrest Wilf for witnessing Daniel’s murder. He claims he could be executed within the next seven minutes. Instead, he simply suggests that they answer a few questions. It tells them to call their peripherals and operators.

  Burton visits Conner and gives him a box with mechanical legs made by people from the future. He says that Flynne has done a few things to him too, but he thinks it’s more for the comfort of others than him. They talk about Conner’s suicidal thoughts in the days after his accident, where he wants Burton to help him, but Burton can’t. Burton says he will consider giving Conner permanent life in the future.

  London is calling them. Conner, Burton, and Flynne now enter the peripherals in front of Inspector Lowbeer. They told him about the connection with the past. He introduces himself to Flynne.  

  Episode Review

  Episode 6 of the Peripheral series continues to impress. The game of cat and mouse continues, but instead of Cherise, Inspector Lowbeer plays the cat. Instead of moving forward, the plot goes around in circles. As the episode draws to a close, we don’t feel like we’ve taken any steps forward.

  Nevertheless, there are a few painful moments in this episode. Watching Leo accept Conner’s pain and flashbacks to make it easier for him sheds new light on haptic technology. About how boundaries can be used to enhance and help connection rather than encroaching and curtailing a person’s autonomy. Another highlight was when Flynne was able to remove the RI expansion and see London – its actual city in disrepair – for what it really was. It says a lot about this world and how its polished veneer is just a facade.  

 These are some interesting questions about reality that the show raises. But unfortunately, the plot cannot complete them. Near the end of the season, Periphery feels like it’s dragging.

  Still, today’s fight scene with Flynne versus the two producers was a sight for sore eyes.  

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