The Peripheral Amazon Prime New Web Series Season 1 Episode No 5 Recap And Review

The Peripheral Season 1

Episode No 5 Recap And Review 

Episode 5 of Peripheral begins a year before Aelita’s disappearance. At the Research Institute, Aelita meets Grace Hogarth. Grace is surprised to see her, as she once tried to reach out, only to receive a nasty letter from Aelita in return.  

 Grace says she is now married to a man and has two children. Aelita says she is heartbroken. The two go out for drinks and talk about what’s wrong with their relationship. Grace asks Aelita to apologize, but she doesn’t want to. Instead, Aelita wants to know about her work and her research in R.I.

  Grace leads him to a room with an inverted pyramid, which he calls the God font. He tells Aelita about the room’s security and then describes how they gained access to the stubs they use for their research. He says that he has conducted eight thousand studies in various fields. He specifically talks about an investigation by the Department of Behavioral Mods where they set up a shell company that deals with the military and provides haptic implants for its personnel.

  The implants were then adjusted to affect the compassion center of the brain. In the image on the wall, Aelita shows a group of soldiers on the battlefield that the enemy will use to remove wounded animals. A wounded dog appears. The implant influences them to make a different choice than their obvious choice. One of the soldiers runs to the dog instead of shooting it. And getting blown up in the process. Aelita is shocked and protests that these are real people. Grace chides him for being such a good person.

  Mariel stops the two as they walk out. He asks Aelita what she is doing here because she has no exit. Grace resolves the situation by saying that Aelita is her guest and they only came down because Grace forgot her jacket. Aelita slyly tells Mariel that she has beautiful eyes.

  In Key West, 2032, an elderly man comes home to find a package waiting for him. Inside, he finds a phone and a sound gun. He tests it and is shocked at the damage it does. He gets a phone call from his new peripheral-Daniel. The man’s name is Robert O’Connell, and although he lives under a different identity, he has a history of murders on his hands. Daniel offers him ten million dollars to kill the Fishermen. When Bob refuses, Daniel threatens the girl.

  A man named Frank is with his three sons at the bowling alley. He approaches when he sees Bob sitting at the bar. After some small talk, Bob says he knows Frank was the one who tipped Daniel off about him. Frank tries to defend himself, but Bob shoots him and his three sons.  

 In the car, Frank asks for details about the assassination. Daniel tells her that the Fishermen are going for a medical procedure and shows her the route back home. One of Frank’s sons then tries to kill Frank, but he uses a sonic weapon on him and then hits him with his car.

  Billy Ann wakes up and goes about her business when she finds a wad of cash in Jasper’s coat. He accuses her of taking money from a bag Burton sent for Corbell. When he tells her what Corbell gave him, he asks what Corbell wants in return. Jasper lies and says it’s just a token of gratitude.

  Dee Dee, a local doctor, tells Flynne that her tests have revealed some bacteria affecting her occipital lobe—the part of the brain associated with vision. He uses a spinal tap to take fluid from Flynne’s body.

  Meanwhile, Bob calls his daughter. They speak in code with Bob, who appears to be a spokesman for the insurance company. He uses the code to tell his daughter that they should cut ties and that her life may soon be over. His tearful daughter tells him she is pregnant.

As Billy Ann crosses the bridge, she sees Bob standing next to his car with the hood open. He offers to help with the engine and gets out of the truck despite her refusal. As he approaches the car, Burton and Flynne’s car pulls up onto the bridge. During the conversation, Bob accidentally picks up the stun gun and walks over to their car. Flynne sees this and is able to alert Burton by pushing both of their heads down before Bob can shoot. A fight ensues as Bob tries to get to Flynne. Billy Ann grabs a shotgun from the truck and shoots Bob, despite wearing a vest.

  Burton calls Tommy, who arrests Bob. He then talks to Flynne and once again tries to find out what happened to her. He promises that they have done nothing wrong. He recounts his first memory of her when he was in school and a young Flynne took earthworms from the science department and threw them in the woods because he couldn’t bear the thought of them being torn apart. Tommy says the young lady is still at Flynne’s. Flynne apologizes for not being able to talk more.

  Back home, Flynne and Burton talk, but she doesn’t want to discuss things in front of Billy Ann. Billy Ann says she knows everything. He promises that Jasper won’t do anything to hurt them.

  When he returned home, his mother found out about the bodies in the yard. The brothers tell him everything and he warns them not to depend too much on outsiders. He asks what will happen if these people from the future stop sending him medicine. Or when Burton Corbell stopped paying. Flynne decides to re-enter the periphery.

  He re-enters and resents Wilf for not warning them of the assassination attempt. He tells her what happened and then asks if Wilf was trying to confuse him when they put the two together, that the shared emotions were meant to manipulate him. He asks if it was wrong to trust him. Wilf says no.

  Tommy returns to the police station with Bob, who starts talking about how this quiet town won’t be quiet much longer. He reveals that he was threatened and paid $2.5 million for trying to kill Fishers. As his employers will want to cut him off, he offers Tommy money to escape. As Tommy prepares to respond, an invisible force hits the car and rolls it over. A car is seen on the side of the road nearby. Someone pulls Bob out of the wreckage. Tommy hears the car, but sees nothing.

  Wilf and Flynne R.I. They sit near Flynne, who says she wants Cherise to know what it feels like to be hunted. Wilf advises him to stop it, saying that being an aggressor comes with a heavier weight. He talks about his twelve years and an incident that happened while he was in boarding school. A group of people known as Neoprims were not satisfied with the distribution of power in the country and attacked the school to send a message to the children’s parents. Wilf had to feed them. He stole a knife and cut the leader’s throat with it, then shot four people dead. If he doesn’t come to terms with what he might have to do, he tells him not to do anything.

  Flynne R.I. He goes down to meet Cherise. Flynne wants to know why Cherise keeps killing her. Cherise says she stole something. Flynne claims she doesn’t have it, but Cherise says Flynne is still expendable. When Flynne threatens to kill her, Cherise reveals that she is on her periphery. They fight, resulting in Flynne breaking her peripheral’s neck. He goes out with his head held high.

Episode Review

  Peripheral is now in its 5th episode and the show still can’t shake the feeling of going around in circles. Cherise and Flynne’s game of cat and mouse continues, but it doesn’t have much freshness. To be fair, their confrontation in the final scene of the episode is thrilling. It was thrilling to watch Flynne triumphantly break Cherise’s neck, despite Wilf’s warning about the money she might draw. T’Nia Miller, as always, is a joy to watch on screen.

  Aelita and her motivations remain a mystery, but it was refreshing to see her more human side when she protested Grace’s handling of haptics.

  It’s nice to see the townspeople come to the Fishermen as Billy Ann steps up to help the fishermen and Tommy again offers to help. As he learns about the future who uses the past, it becomes clear that there is a growing rift between the two.

  After this episode, I wonder if we’ll see the small town unite against a bigger threat on the show. It would be interesting to see how this goes in a peripheral sci-fi context!

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