The Peripheral Amazon Prime New Web Series Season 1 Episode No 2 Recap And Review

The Peripheral Season 1

Episode No 2 Recap And Review 

Peripheral Episode 2 opens with Cherise Nuland (previously portrayed as the queen bee of the Research Institute) talking to the man who attacked Flynne and the woman he was with, Aelita West. The man assures him that Flynne and what he’s involved with are a hit.  

 In 2032, Burton orders Flynne to take her mother to the basement. His friend Reece follows the approaching killer drone to make it look like the boys are still sitting around the fire. They ‘lock’ and the markings on their arms glow as they have the ability to see the drone’s visual stream. Burton and his friends grab their guns and start mowing down the men. Meanwhile, Flynne is hiding in her house. When one of the men walks in and tries to get him, Burton takes him down with a bullet. When they run out of ammo, Conner comes and helps them.

  Wilf is dreaming. He thinks back to a memory, a time when he approached Aelita on behalf of his employer. He tells her that the employer wants information about the Research Institute where he currently works. Aelita is skeptical. Wolf asks her if she is really happy.

  Wolf, whose real name is Wilf Netherton, wakes up to a phone call from his employer, Lev Zubov. He tells Wilf to come right over. He says he built the periphery for Flynne because she’s the best hope for finding Aelita. After the phone call, Levin’s friend Ash tells him that Wilf can’t be trusted with this task. Lev tells Ash that Wilf is highly motivated and capable of great violence.

  Flynne re-enters and wakes up in 2099 in a body made for her. Wilf arrives and introduces himself. He shows Flynne that this is the future, not the sim. Quantum tunneling makes it possible for him to be in this body. He takes her to Trafalgar Square, where she tours the buildings and giant statues around the city. He proves that it will come four weeks from that day on Flynne’s timeline by showing him a newspaper with his mother’s obituary. He tells her that they already gave Mom’s glioma medication to the pharmacy in Flynne and paid for it.  

  Back home, Flynne buys the medicine at the pharmacy. Her mother admits she knows about the glioma and says she wants to spare Flynne the grief. Although Flynne says it’s experimental, she agrees to take the drug.

  Meanwhile, Tommy sees a cup of coffee floating in the air. He looks around and finally realizes that there is a car with some kind of cloaking device.

While Burton’s friends are burying the bodies of their attackers, Flynne fills him in and talks about medicine for their mother. He gets angry and tells Wilf that they can’t trust him. They argue. Burton wants to go in instead, but Flynne is against it.

  Wilf introduces him to Lev (who hired him and Ash and Ossia (who maintain the link between the two worlds)). He learns that his ‘body’ has an eight-hour sleep cycle and is controlled by an artificial intelligence the rest of the time. They explain that when they come into contact with the past, the past branches off, creating a parallel timeline known as a branch. Contact becomes a point of separation. Aelita worked at the Research Institute and gave them a trap door. he

  He asks what happened to him and his family in the timeline, but they don’t tell him. Then he learns that the drug given to his mother only has a 57% success rate. He tells them that after helping him and his family, he will start talking about his missing lady.

  When Tommy asks about his friends’ trucks around the house, Burton says they had a drone fight.

  In London, Lev tells Wilf to be a little more patient with Flynne. When Wilf asks Lev why he wants to enter Flynne’s world, Lev remains mystified.

  Flynne tells Burton that future people will help them and gives them $250,000 to get started. They get it in the form of a lottery that their cousin won. At the bar, Flynne tells Burton to get Conner to help them. Burton hesitates as Conner is usually drunk.

  He says Flynne let the sheep out of the war zone and was rewarded with a tractor for his empathy.  

  Burton gives up and goes to meet Conner. Conner tells him that one of the attackers saw Conner, but lets him go out of pity. This made Conner want to kill them. They talk about the rush of getting into battle again.  

  Corbell Pickett is trying to enjoy the company of a beautiful woman with a sim card when an English man interrupts.  

  Flynne tries to search the web for references to Miladros Coldiron or Wilf Netherton, but comes up empty. While doing so, his hand gets stuck on the computer mouse and he cannot move it. Finally, he uses his other hand to pull it out and return it to normal.  

 Corbell is in bed with a woman when he receives a message that two and a half million dollars has been deposited into his bank account.

    He calls Burton for help, but finds it’s only his mother. He tells Flynne that he is hungry and then reveals that he can see her. His vision is coming back!

  Episode Review

  Episode 2 continues to slowly build the world of Periphery. We are introduced to more characters with interesting costumes and once animated tattoos.  

  The visuals are as brilliant as ever, with an interesting tonal shift between rural US and the glittering, cyber-punk city of future London. Hopefully the upcoming episodes will move from character introductions to concepts so that we as viewers can find a way to connect with what’s on screen.

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