The Fabulous Korean New Web Series Season 1 Review

Season 1 Review 

There have been many Korean TV shows set against the backdrop of the fashion industry, but now is a time like no other. With the global popularity of K-pop and K-dramas, many Korean celebrities are now close to becoming famous worldwide.

  With their growing popularity, these celebrities from South Korea are associated with major international brands. This proves that fashion is always on the rise in South Korea, just like the rest of the world.

  Fabulous on Netflix tries to show the story of love and friendship between people working in the fashion industry. The eight-episode show follows Ji-eu, a PR agent who works for fashion label Audrey. She meets Nam-jin, the CEO of another fashion brand called Rublani.

  Ji-eu has famous friends, including Seon-ho, South Korea’s most influential model, and Joseph, an up-and-coming designer. Three years ago, Ji-eun was dating Seon-ho’s close friend, a fashion photographer named Woo-min.

  The four friends have been through a lot together, and Ji-eu’s sudden breakup with Woo-min breaks up the group until the friends convince the two to get back together. Now that Ji-eu’s life is settled, she works towards her goals. Everything suddenly changes when Nam-jin leaves her, making the drunken mistake of hooking up with Woo-min, bringing back unresolved feelings from three years ago.


Simple Story

 The show is a simple story and the producers’ decision to tell it from the point of view of the fashion industry is really interesting. Ji-eun has a perfect life, and it’s too perfect for her own good. It would be nice to see his character with more growth and development. When she faces difficulties in her work, he is always there to save the day for her, which shows how perfect her professional life is.

  Jumping between flashbacks and flashforwards seems a bit out of place and repetitive. The characters of Joseph and Seon-ho unfortunately didn’t matter much in the overall story, but their respective character arcs worked really well in the end. However, that doesn’t excuse some of the plot holes here, which are too deep to handle. How did Woo-min find her sleeping in her room the next day when Do-young gave it to Ji-eun?

  Not only that, but in episode 2, we see Ji-eu’s broken pearl necklace being used by a model for a photo shoot. Like when he wore the necklace, it didn’t look broken on the model, but when Woo-min gave it back to Ji-eun, it looked as broken as it was from the beginning? Things like this become bigger problems that cannot be ignored.

  Plus, Do-young’s character seems pointless. He was a good addition to the story in the beginning, but having him until the end of the story and giving him a romantic angle with Chae-young just didn’t make sense. I wish instead of spending so much time on Do-young, the producers would have focused on Joseph and the stranger he falls for.

  The OST for The Fabulous is the only thing that’s not a concern here. Of all the tracks from the OST, Seunghee’s ‘My Finale’ from Oh My Girl is one that works really well with the story. AB6IX’s ‘Life Is Beautiful’ is another track that goes well with the vibe of the story. Since the show has SHINee’s Minho in its cast, it’s a shame that the creators didn’t include him in The Fabulous’s OST.


  Chae Soo-bin looked really great as Ji-eun, and her outfits in the show give viewers a high fashion vibe. The show is a quick watch for romance fans, but viewers looking for a real fashion drama will find another generic romantic K-drama in a show that shows you the ins and outs of the industry.

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