The Amazing Benefits of Daily Pomegranate Consumption: What Happens in Just 14 Days?

Pomegranates are known for their incredible health benefits, being low in calories and high in fiber, vitamins, and minerals. They are also rich in antioxidants and polyphenolic compounds, making them a popular choice for those seeking to boost their overall health. In this article, we will see the effects of consuming pomegranates every day for 14 days, based on a study conducted on 60 volunteers.

Reduced Blood Pressure

One of the most significant findings of the study was a notable reduction in systolic and diastolic blood pressure after 14 days of daily pomegranate consumption. Systolic blood pressure and the top number in blood pressure readings, dropped from an average of 123.7 to 119.6, while diastolic blood pressure, the bottom number, decreased from 74.9 to 72.4. This could be attributed toward the ability of pomegranates to lower levels of Angiotensin converting enzyme (ACE), a protein that plays a crucial role in controlling blood pressure by regulating the size of blood vessels in the body.

Improved Mood and Reduced Stress

The volunteers in the study also reported improvements in their overall mood and a reduction in negative emotions after 14 days of consuming pomegranates daily. Self-reported measures of mental well-being using the PANAS mood questionnaire showed an increase in overall scores from 73 to 77, with positive emotions increasing from 29 to 31, and negative emotions decreasing from 16 to 14. This could be attributed to the potential of pomegranates to lower cortisol levels, which is the body’s main stress hormone. Lower cortisol levels are often associated with reduced stress and improved mood.

Increased Testosterone Levels

Another intriguing finding of the study was an increase in salivary testosterone levels in both men and women after 14 days of daily pomegranate consumption. This is consistent with a previous study conducted on rats, which found that pomegranate juice increased testosterone levels and protected Leydig cells, responsible for testosterone production, when stimulated by LH (luteinizing hormone). This is particularly noteworthy as pomegranates have also been shown to protect against obesity-induced inflammation, which can lower testosterone levels. In individuals with moderate obesity, insulin resistance-associated reductions in sex hormone binding globulin can lead to a decrease in total testosterone levels.

Other Potential Benefits of Pomegranates

While the study provides interesting insights into the short-term effects of daily pomegranate consumption, more research is needed to fully understand the long-term benefits. It’s important to note that there are various types of pomegranates, each with its own season of ripeness. When choosing a ripe pomegranate, look for flattened angles around the sides rather than rounded shapes and a heavier weight for its size. It’s also worth mentioning that the pomegranate juice used in the study was from a specific brand, Pomegreat, which is four times more concentrated than regular pomegranate juice.


In conclusion, the findings of this study suggest that daily pomegranate consumption for just 14 days may lead to reduced blood pressure, improved mood, reduced stress, and increased testosterone levels. However, further researchs are needed to confirm these findings and explore the long-term effects of pomegranate consumption. If you’re interested in incorporating pomegranates into your diet, consider consulting with a healthcare professional or a registered dietitian to determine the appropriate amount for your individual needs. With their potential health benefits and delicious taste, pomegranates can be a great addition to a healthy lifestyle. 

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