Netflix’s Sea Monster Movie Ending Explained

Ending Explained 

Netflix’s Sea Monster is a children’s adventure film about an orphaned girl named Maisie and a monster hunter named Jacob. As the two embark on a grand adventure together, they find themselves in the middle of a decades-long war between animals and humans.  

  In The Sea Monster, monstrous sea creatures roam the seas. 

 Now, wolf hunters swim the ocean, killing animals to make the waters safer on behalf of the King and Queen.

  What agreement does Jacob make with the king and queen?

  Captain Crow, the country’s most famous werewolf hunter, has been chasing a beast named Red Bluster for 30 years. But when he and his crew, including his adopted son Jacob Holland, encounter Bluster on the seas, he slips from their grasp.

  This displeases the monarchs, who declare that Captain Crow’s wolf-hunting days are over. The Royal Navy will take over.

  Jacob offers a deal in an attempt to save the crew’s livelihood. If they capture Red Bluster, they continue their hunt for the Crown. If the Royal Navy succeeds, the King and Queen can cancel their own ship, the Inevitable.

  Who is Maisie Brumble?

  Maisie Brumble is a young orphan, but she’s not content to spend the rest of her childhood in an orphanage. The daughter of dead wolf hunters, the little girl wants to follow in her parents’ footsteps, live like a hero and die a great death.

  This prompts him to hide and head for Captain Crow’s ship – much to Jacob’s chagrin.

  What happens when Captain Crow goes after Red Bluster again?

  “Caçilmaz” goes to the seas again this time with Maizi. The next time they encounter Red Bluster, they manage to capture him, but the beast nearly takes the ship down with him. Macy frees the sea monster and saves them, though she and Jacob end up in the ocean. 

 And Captain Crow is not happy. Jacob shouts to bring the girl to him; his actions will have consequences. Watching this play, Bluster stands up and takes Macy and Jacob in his mouth. It then retreats, leaving a shocked crew behind.

  Finally, a sea animal brings them to an island. Jacob tries to kill her, but Macy doesn’t want to. He thinks he tried to save them from the Raven. Then he named it “Red”.

  Jacob thinks Macy is crazy. Monster hunters kill sea animals because they started killing them in the first place. They are heroes to fight them.

Does Red help Maisie and Jacob?

  On the island, Maisie picks up a new little wolf friend whom she names “Blue”. He and Yagub Red try to swim in the boat he swallows with them. But their plans get complicated when another animal comes and attacks them.

  Surprisingly, it’s Red who saves the day (although Jacob claims he had more of a hand in their success). More convinced than ever that Red isn’t as terrifying as the others say, Macy tries to negotiate with the creature to take them home. Red agrees, swims under their boat and begins to retrieve them.

  Why is Captain Crow seeing Gwen Batterbie?

  Raven is now determined to avenge Jacob and kill The Red Bluster, even if it’s against the wolf hunter code. He sets a course for Gwen Batterbie against the advice of his first wife, Sarah Sharp.

  Gwen Batterbie is an old woman and the focus of many fairy tales. Captain Crow asks him for a way to kill Red Bluster. He gives him a special weapon called “Hand of God”. However, he warns her. He will get what he wants, but the price will be high.

  Does Macy convince Jacob of the false history of the werewolf hunters?

  Maisie, Jacob, Red and Blue arrive at Rum Pepper Island. Jacob comes to Macy when he notices inconsistencies in a history book about the war between humans and animals. He begins to wonder if the stories are fiction. 

 Anyway, he is convinced of Red’s kindness and promises him never to hunt werewolves again. But then, Red throws a wrench into his plans.

  Does Captain Crow catch Red?

  Just then, Red sees the Royal Navy out hunting. Jacob and Meisie try to convince him not to attack, but he charges anyway and Maisie is injured in the fight.

  Red begins to back away when he sees Macy’s hurt. But then Captain Crow arrives and hits Red with the poison hand of God. He captures the creature, teams up with Jacob, and takes both his son and Maisie aboard his ship.

  What does Maisie discover about the monarchy?

  Jacob tells Macy that he regrets not being able to help Red and that he has to return him to the orphanage.

  When Red arrives at the castle to bring it to the King and Queen, Macy notices something. The symbol of the monarchy is the same symbol in all the books of “Inevitable”. He then realizes that the Crown has been writing history to benefit them for years. 

 Maisie and Jacob save Red?

  When the ship sails into the castle’s harbor, Macy secretly tries to free Red. Raven makes a show of stabbing Red in front of the King and Queen, but Jacob stops him. He says that Crow could be wrong about the monsters.

  Crow accuses Jacob of turning his back on his people, and the two men fight over Red. Meanwhile, Sarah Sharpe helps Macy cut Red.

  Red stops attacking Captain Crow in the reconciliation between them.

  Meizi tells everyone that the history of the war between humans and animals is a lie made up by monarchs. Their kingdom was paid for with the blood of people like Macy’s parents. People believe him and call to release Red.

  How does “Sea Monster” end?

  Maisie narrates the end of the movie. He says that after saving people’s lives in the castle, the world began to change.

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