Musk’s constant feed on Twitter, outlining his wish list for new features and tools

In an unexpected turn of events, Twitter has reportedly started reaching out to fired employees, asking if they would be willing to return to the social media platform. Bloomberg reports that dozens of employees were laid off by mistake, and their work and experience may be necessary for the new features that Elon Musk wants to implement. Previously, Musk had stated that the mass layoffs, which affected 50% of Twitter’s total workforce, were necessary due to the platform’s daily losses of over $4 million. However, there are allegations that the workforce reductions may have violated employment laws in some countries, including the UK.

 Musk’s constant feed on Twitter, outlining his wish list for new features and tools, now seems all the more challenging as the company deals with a significantly reduced workforce. Furthermore, layoffs continue as Meta, the company that owns Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp, is reportedly planning large-scale layoffs these days, according to the Wall Street Journal. Thousands of Meta employees are expected to be affected by this announcement. Recent figures reveal that Meta’s share price has plummeted by 73% year-to-date, as investors remain skeptical about Mark Zuckerberg’s metaverse ambitions. It remains unclear whether Reality Labs, the division responsible for the metaverse, will be affected by the layoffs.

MicroStrategy’s Bitcoin Investment: What if They Chose Ether Instead?

In August 2020, Michael Saylor made waves when he announced that business intelligence firm MicroStrategy would start investing in Bitcoin. Fast forward to today, and MicroStrategy now owns 130,000 Bitcoins, but is nursing paper losses of $1.26 billion. However, recent data suggests that if MicroStrategy had chosen to invest in Ether instead, they would actually be up $1.58 billion, despite the crypto winter. Additionally, MicroStrategy would be making approximately $136 million in annual revenue from staking. Despite these numbers, Saylor is unlikely to embrace Ether anytime soon, as he fears that planned upgrades to Ethereum’s network over the coming years may introduce new attack surfaces and potentially open the door to hackers.


In conclusion, the world of cryptocurrency continues to be filled with interesting developments and headlines. From Twitter’s awkward U-turn with fired employees, to the potential impact of choosing Ether over Bitcoin for investments, and Meta’s struggles with layoffs amidst falling share prices, the cryptocurrency landscape remains dynamic and ever-changing.

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