Make My Day Netflix New Web Series Season 1 Review

Make My Day Review 

CGI animation usually comes in one of two flavors when it comes to anime. Spectacularly breathtaking or hideously ugly. In recent years, Japanese animation has been increasingly moving towards CGI projects rather than the traditional hand-drawn gems of old. Whether it’s budget issues or an easier medium to work with, stories like Make My Day do the future of CG anime no favors.

  The story itself is a bag of very dated tropes and ideas, driven by gems like Alien in this setting from the 70s. The plot itself takes place on a prison planet, appropriately named Planet Coldfoot. A great mystery is about to be revealed in this inhospitable desert. An investigative team of prison guards discovers mysterious creatures along with the remains of a previous investigation team, and it falls to brave part-time prison guard Jim and a group of villains to find out what these creatures are and stop them before their time. late

  Over the course of 8 episodes, the show throws up a series of obstacles for our heroes to overcome, including betrayals within the group, a pregnant woman named Marnie with whom Jim is having an affair, and planet-wide issues that could change the fate of the world. we know that.

Simple Story

  The story itself is very simple, and while there are glimmers of an interesting world set up early on, it’s mostly about the capitalist hierarchy we often see in these kinds of shows. And the poor eke out a living while the greedy upper echelons of the rich awaken an ancient evil that wants to destroy them all.

  While the story is quirky and quite enjoyable at times, the animation is a real eyesore. Landscapes are passable, though saturated colors sometimes cause foreground and background objects to blend together, which isn’t a great look. The character models are atrocious though.

  The animations are stiff and clunky, while the whole project feels like it was ripped from an early PS1 or Sega Saturn cutscene. In point of fact, it comes down to simple things like revitalizing sweat. Large blue teardrop shapes roll down the cheeks for characters in stressful situations. Likewise, every facial expression needs to be emphasized at comic levels, rather than the more nuanced portrayal we’ve seen in the better CG animation projects of recent years. And that’s before we get to the running and fighting animations, which leave a lot to be desired.

  We’ve seen exactly what can be done in this medium with projects like Love, Death, and Robots, but Netflix’s latest anime is closer to a terrible 3D remake than an anthology gem of Saint Seiya. With its simple and forgettable story and swampy standard character arcs, Make My Day is surprising to say the least. If you’re looking for a really good space anime, watch Cowboy Bebop or Planetes instead.

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