Make My 8 Episode 8 Recap, Review and Ending Explained

As episode 8 of Make My Day begins, Jim and the gang prepare for their final assault, intending to leave the planet once and for all. But to get there, it’s worth briefly recalling some key parts of this story up to this point.

  What happened to the Inquiry Team?

  When Jim and the gang arrive underground at the beginning of the show, they find the remains of a survey team that has been decimated by the hordes. It’s actually part of Operation Sucker W. About a month ago, the original team that discovered the fossilized wolf eggs in the underground mines saw experts calling the creatures “swarms.”

  What is Sig? How does this relate to the story?

    It is very rare and has many possibilities, including being used as an energy source. Just one ounce can power a generator for a year, which explains why it’s so profitable. Coldfoot is the first planet humans find with a significant Sig deposit, where prisoners are forced to mine as labor while in captivity.

  Swarms are a native species of Coldshoes. These parasitic creatures are armed with sticks and gas trapped inside, which explode when opened. Professor William Boyd was brought in from the Central region after discovering the fossilized eggs taken by the research team.

  However, as his findings threaten the entire operation, given the sentience of the creatures, he is arrested and his papers inevitably buried by Dr. Hudson and the others.

  The hub (presumably the main planetary hub for humans) had planned a tanker full of Swarms, which explains why they woke up and attacked the ship. The colonel was ordered to shoot down the ship in question and bury the evidence. Although most of the Sigs were eaten, many of the Swarms actually survived.

  How are Jim and the others going to leave the planet?

  The rescue boat needs help getting out of orbit and the only solution is a nearby Sig warehouse, so we start this final episode with our team preparing for the attack and securing their route off the planet. Only, that’s easier said than done with so many Swarms around.

  There’s still debris from the Sig Ship in the sky, so they try to get rid of the lifeboat before they can get it off the planet. Casper and Jim leave, the latter staying with William Boyd for the time being.

  Jim leads Bark and Walter forward as they clear the containers and move forward to load the lifeboat into one. Even with a Lifeboat on board, they have to clear the “obstacles” – the Swarms – and potentially worse prey.

  The attack begins and as the Swarms head towards them, Bark and Walter are ordered by Jim to concentrate their fire to help the containers get out. They fire rockets, lasers, guns and anything they can to get rid of their enemies. Alas, a large army begins to disperse over the mountains on the horizon. The signal also goes down, Jim is distracted when Marnie’s message cuts off.

  Does the group leave the planet in one piece?

  Robert then tries to sabotage the whole operation, with a robot trying to take out Casper. Thankfully, the robot was stopped and Robert was held at gunpoint. Casper is very injured. The group crawls aboard a lifeboat still inside the container and manages to enter the atmosphere.

Marnie’s baby is unresponsive and there are several difficult moments when Kou isn’t breathing until her airway clears and she finally starts crying. wow!

  If that wasn’t enough, a rescue ship appears in orbit, with Casper’s remains safely aboard, hopefully repaired in the future. The group reunites and Robert has now changed and taken his side, the group prepares for a new beginning for all of them, wondering what the future holds.

  As for Jim, he decides to embrace his true passions of drawing and working in cartoons, which is pretty ironic considering the CGI animation of this show!

  Episode Review

  Make My Day ends with a rather whimsical and simple ending, which sees a multi-video game mission to stop the hordes, while also securing a lifeboat to get off the planet. Learning about the Swarm earlier and how it relates to Dr. Hudson is definitely a nice addition, but overall the show is using outdated tropes and ideas that have been done to death in this setting.

  The idea of ​​a group of survivors needing to overcome an alien threat has been around since the 70s with Alien, and this series doesn’t do much to stand out from the crowd. This last episode exemplifies this, with a last-minute switch for Robert only and a pretty standard escape in truth.

  The ending is very conclusive, so it’s unlikely we’ll get a second season, but you never know with Netflix! The animation in general was pretty poor, a lot of it feels like the opening scene of the PS1 game.

  The backgrounds are certainly a bit better, but the character models are a real eyesore. Unfortunately, this ending, along with a simple story, only highlights all of these issues and makes for a rather difficult experience.

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