Luther: The Falling Sun Movie Review, Idris Elba

The story of DCI John Luther continues in the Netflix crime thriller Luther: The Fallen Sun. In the film, DCI John Luther investigates the disappearance of teenager Callum Aldrich, but the case immediately turns to murder. Nevertheless, before Luther made any progress in catching the killer, his crimes were revealed to the general public and the mainstream press. Luther’s public image takes a hit and he is imprisoned.

  David Robey uses a radio to contact Luther while he is being held at Turfsmoor Prison. A brutal and destructive serial killer is tormenting people across Europe. As a result, Luther escapes and decides to catch the serial killer. The storyline follows DCI John Luther as he investigates a series of murders. After that, he encounters the deranged serial killer David Roby. When the mass murderer and Luther face off, they embark on an exciting cat-and-mouse chase.

  Neil Cross, creator of Luther’s show, wrote the script to capture the spirit of the original show and oversaw the production of the venture. Season 5 director Jamie Payne is on board to maintain the tonality and aesthetic that helped make the show so popular. As a result, it’s safe to say that the effort is truly reflected in the cinematography.

  Although the new mass murderer and the main plot have little to do with the TV series, this film depends on previous knowledge to fully understand and appreciate Luther’s qualities.

  This will ultimately shape how you rate it, as crime thrillers are highly subjective. However, it’s breathtaking to see Elba once again dressed as a crime fighter in a tweed jacket with a red tie and on a rooftop overlooking skyscrapers in the distance reminiscent of Batman. In addition to the usual Luther outbursts, there is a great deal of action and suspense.  

  David Robey, played by Andy Serkis, acts as the plot’s omnipresent, wealthy and scheming genius, who seems to have the desire and resources to freely manipulate and terrorize. With his paranoia, the threat feels so real and unending for much of the film, coupled with such terrifying cascades of destruction. The film shudders for sequences such as the discovery of a hanged body in a bungalow and the deaths in Piccadilly Circus.

  Luther: The Falling Sun is a respectful extension of Luther’s world and a representation of the iconic figure played by Idris Elba’s timeless appeal. It may not be groundbreaking, but it delivers the kind of gripping, gory and emotionally moving crime thriller that audiences are used to.

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