Luther: A Falling Sun New Movie Plot And Ending Explained, Idris Elba

Luther: A Falling Sun Plot Synopsis

  The story of DCI John Luther continues in the Netflix crime thriller Luther: The Fallen Sun. In the film, DCI John Luther investigates the disappearance of teenager Callum Aldrich, but the case immediately turns to murder. Nevertheless, before Luther made any progress in catching the killer, his crimes were revealed to the general public and the mainstream press. Luther’s public image takes a hit and he is imprisoned.


  David Robey uses a radio to contact Luther while he is being held at Turfsmoor Prison. A brutal and destructive serial killer is tormenting people across Europe. As a result, Luther escapes and decides to catch the serial killer. The storyline follows DCI John Luther as he investigates a series of murders. After that, he encounters the deranged serial killer David Roby. When the mass murderer and Luther face off, they embark on an exciting cat-and-mouse chase.

  What happens to Luther?

  After a long chase in London, Luther and DCI Odette Rein lead Robey to his hideout in Norway. Afterward, Luther turns the tide on Robbie by leading the authorities to his hideout during a dramatic scene. Luther hunts down a mass murderer while Robey tries to escape.

  The two men fight over the frozen river that Robin used to dispose of the bodies of his victims. Robbie passes out as Luther restrains him. Robey is believed to have died when he sank to the bottom of the icy lake. However, the arriving medical staff saves him.


  After his fight with Roby, Luther is seriously injured and on the verge of passing out. Luther is saved in time and given medical attention. In his dying moments, Luther wakes up and discovers himself in a strange place.

  Martin Schenck, his lifelong boss, greets Luther, who is starting to feel better. According to Schenk, Luther is now being held in a government-owned hideout. Luther is shocked by the benevolent act of the government, provided he becomes a wanted criminal and a disgrace in the eyes of society after his release from prison.

  A group of government vehicles suddenly arrives, interrupting Luther’s discussion with Schenck. As Luther leaves the safe house, a member of the government exits the car and approaches him. Luther receives praise from the government for his actions in removing Robin. After that, he points Luther in the direction of the car and tells him that he needs to talk to “Chief” Luther, who is his boss. We get to meet the Chief as soon as the movie ends, before Luther gets in the car.


  The result suggests that the Chief is the head of a secret state organization. It is highly improbable that Luther should be allowed to return to the position of Chief Operating Inspector at a time when his good name has been tarnished in the eyes of the public. If that’s not enough, the former law enforcement officer has been framed as a criminal. So it seems that the Chief is offering Luther a way out of prison.

  The boss may try to recruit Luther as an undercover agent for a government agency. Besides, we could well see that Luther was forced to accept the offer. His penchant for breaking the rules could serve the government well. As a result, the implication of Luther: Fallen Sun is that DCI John Luther will be working as a spy for years to come.

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