Litvinenko Season 1 Episode No 2 Recap And Review

Litvinenko Season 1 Episode No 2 Review And Recap 

Police are now treating it as a suspicious death, rather than murder, at the start of Litvinenko’s episode 2. They must now interrogate and confirm Alexander’s accounts. Ray and Aiden are the two liaison officers assigned to take care of Marina and Anatoly. This is a chemical attack on England. The government thinks it’s a matter of public health first, police second. Clive struggles with this recommendation. Polonium is not detected. Therefore, it is impossible to trace it without knowing where it came from. Therefore, the first issue is the police.

  Marina and Anatoly are moved to a safe place. Authorities are now gearing up with hazmat suits and “alpha detectors” to look for residual radiation spots in the places Litvinenko is said to have gone on November 1. Clive’s plan is to work backwards from where Litvinenko left off. They continue to search for polonium until they find any trace. His whereabouts will give them their suspects. Follow the poison and find the poisoner. He explains the risks to the team and offers anyone who wants to go. They find polonium in the toilet at home. 

 Scaramella could only pose against the KGB to get closer to Litvinenko. He is currently in Italy and needs to be found. He is a suspect along with Kovtun and Lugovoy. The tubs are tasked with finding Scaramella. Manager Martin Spencer is next questioned. According to him, Kovtun was a mean boy who kept to himself. But Lugovoy walked like the owner of the place. Unfortunately, Pine Bar does not have any CCTV cameras.

  Brent is worried about his pregnant wife. The doctor says that if he spends too much time with Litvinenko, it could potentially have an effect. This is where they look next. They find traces there too. Surveillance cameras in the hotel show that Lugovoi arrived with the whole family. This perhaps removes the doubt from him. Tubs gets Scaramella’s number and Clive asks him for it. She comes to England when Clive says he wants to talk to her.
  Marina and Anatoly are placed in the house of a Russian immigrant who also has a house in Ascot.

  Traces of polonium are also found in Pine Bar. Scaramella denies poisoning Litvinenko. He was worried because they were both targets. But in the tape, Litvinenko says the opposite. Clive asks Scaramella about other places he’s been in London to confirm the theory that he’s not carrying polonium. They find no trace of him in the room where he stayed. Scaramella is officially declared deadlocked.

  The police are looking at the footage from the cameras and learn that after calling Litvinenko that day, Lugovoy and Kovtun went to the bathroom together and may have changed clothes. Immediately after that exchange, he met with Litvinenko.

  Lugovoy’s credit card account showed that he bought food two weeks before November 1. Thus, the hotel was not the only place where Lugovoy and Kovtu went. Clive also asks his team to check the laundry room at the hotel where the Russians are staying before meeting Litvinenko.

  And his guess is right. It’s actually full-scale warping: as radioactive as it gets! Currently, the main suspects are Kovtun and Lugovoy. Litvinenko was called to the hotel because his “shot” at Itsu was unsuccessful. They even came with their families to look less suspicious. Now where did they go where Litvinenko didn’t? If they find polonium at that location, it will only physically link them to polonium. The plane they arrive in the UK is the next plane they will check.

John Scarlett reveals to Peter that Litvinenko even briefly did some work for MI6. Peter fights to protect her as a British citizen, but Scarlett feels otherwise. They treat him as a Russian citizen. Brent and Jim’s examples backfire, giving them some joy. Suspicions are confirmed as the police identify and check the marks on the seats. There is pollution in the Lugovoy seat.

  When Clive takes him to Peter, he tells him that there is resistance from above. The pushback is coming from the government as Putin is also now involved in the conspiracy. The UK and Russia also do not have an extradition treaty, making it difficult to get hold of those people. Clive thinks it’s possible and asks Tubbs to go to Moscow. As soon as the episode ends, Marina gets a call from Lugovoy.

   Episode Review

  Episode 2 sets up Litvinenko as a pure police procedural drama. If the opening episode suggests otherwise, this seals the deal. There was an obvious documentary flair to the story and almost no sensationalist attitude to the material.

  Marl Bonnar and Neil Maskell gave a solid account of themselves and did most of the heavy lifting. It is through their characters that we get the balance of emotion and work ethic in the story. In Litvinenko, the mood — and lack thereof — is healed because of the different attitudes they bring to the table. Perhaps the only complaint in a well-researched effort seems to be confusion.

  There were several instances in the episode that hinted at an ambition to focus on the process rather than Litvinenko. Misleading is a strong word, but it is somewhat apt to characterize the story as a legal-procedural drama as opposed to a biographical account.

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