Litvinenko Season 1 Episode No 1 Recap And Review

Litvinenko Season 1 Episode No 1 Review And Recap 

It is November 1, 2006. Alexander Litvinenko announces that his family has been granted British citizenship. Alex runs to the bathroom, gagging as he sits down to work. He vomits blood, we cut it after 16 days.

  Detectives Jim and Brent arrive at the hospital to see Mr. Edwin Carter, who they believe has been poisoned. Edwin wants the whole world to know what happened. The doctors don’t believe Edwin, but his wife Marina thinks they don’t understand him. Edwin wants the detectives to hear his story before it’s too late. He predicts that he will die in 4 days and so the police need to know when and why the murder happened. The detectives flag the doctor down before they leave. He says that Edwin is seriously ill so they should leave and not come back.  

He says they tested Edwin for all kinds of toxins but found nothing. Although the detectives are inclined to believe the doctor, they will still go ahead and take Edwin’s statement. But when push comes to shove, and the detectives ask the doctor for his personal assurance that Edwin will survive until morning, he fears. They continue to take his statement.

  He announced that he was a former FSB officer from Russia and held a high position. He explains that he was the deputy of the 7th division of the department to kill the enemies of the Russian state. He is in this situation because he refused to do so. Alexander also wrote a book that revealed the truth.  

  Detectives report back with their findings. The whole nation is shaken by this sensational event and the newspapers cover it in the headlines. When the police ask for the names of the Russians with whom Alexander communicated in London, Alexander gives the names of Alex, Boris and Anna. He revealed that Anna was recently killed on the streets of Russia for criticizing Putin. An Italian intelligence specialist called Alexander to have dinner with him on the day he was poisoned.  

  Alex Goldfarb and Professor John Henry ask the detective to meet with Alexander and assess his situation. Henry is the best toxicologist and will determine if she has been poisoned or not. Although Brent can’t let them examine Alexander, he gives them his car to track him down if they can get permission. Deputy Commissioner Peter Clarke informs SIO Clive that he will be joining the detectives to handle the case as a joint investigation.

  Alexander met Mario in Piccadilly Circus and then they went to a sushi place called Itsu. But Mario didn’t make any lunch. Only Alexander ate and Mario looked very worried. Mario gives Alexander a white package to keep in his bag. Brent is also given a copy of Alexander’s book. Henry calls Brent with his findings. He believes that because the doctors tested Alexander with a Geiger counter, he was unable to pick up what are called alpha emitters. It also explains hair loss. In order to test his samples for radioactivity, Henry says he needs Alexander’s urine to be tested at Aldermaston, the only place in England that can carry out such a test.

Alexander’s urine samples are taken and sent for examination. Clive briefs his team on the case and tells them to be careful of the unknown. The detectives ask Clive to contact them because they have a private dialogue with Litvinenko. But Clive is not so unpredictable. To speed up the proceedings, Alexander is assigned translator Nina Tapper. Then he met with his former colleague Andrey Lugovoy. He led the meeting forward to catch the football match on time. Dmitry Kovtun was also with Andrey.

  At the hotel bar, Lugovoi prevented Alexander from ordering himself a drink and asked him to drink from the tea left in the pot. Iskander asks the operatives to go to his house and take the dossier he prepared on Lugovoy. Reports came in and confirmed the presence of a substance called Polonium 210. At one point, Marina admits that although she believes that Iskander is wrong, she has hope.  

  Alexander feels that he is likely to die, but is happy to die a free man in Britain. He even told his son that he should be grateful to this country throughout his life. Iskander promises Brent that despite all the pressure he will receive from above, Brent will make sure that this case has a fair ending.

  At HQ, Clive states that all personnel in direct contact with Alexander will be tested for radioactive materials. At this moment, Bryant is afraid for his wife, because Alexander gave him the book, and he gave it to him.

  The results were thankfully negative. While Litvinenko makes a beeline for the hospital, Pyotr instructs the police officers to approach the investigation carefully. He directs them to secure all the places where Mario could possibly stay or visit. Brent takes Marina out into the streets to show how seriously the country is taking Alexander’s death and to convince her that they will do everything in their power to catch the killer.  

 Episode Review

  No matter what anyone says, David Tennant was pretty awesome in episode 1. Unfortunately, we will never see Litvinenko again, which precludes any glimpse of the reversals of his life.

  The truly sensational headlines the case creates are completely at odds with the reality of the case. It took a long time for justice to touch the Litvinenko family, and this miniseries aims to do just that. The strange cases of public health emergencies we’ll uncover blend nicely with the investigative side of the case.

  Episode 1 feels great and I didn’t find much wrong with the accent. Movies have been whitewashed before and this case should be no different for a neutral review from critics.

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