Hello, Goodbye, and Everything in Between Movie Ending Explained, Netflix Movie

Ending Explained 

With movies like 10 Things I Hate About You and Press Play (and everything in between), if you’re a fan of teen rom-coms, you won’t be short of something to watch.

  Hello, Goodbye, and Everything in Between. 

 It’s about Clare and Aidan, two high school seniors who meet at a Halloween party. A crush is just around the corner, but Clare doesn’t think dating is a good idea because she’s getting attention in college and doesn’t want a relationship to get in the way.

  Finally, they decide to make a deal. They would date for exactly one year and break up after one last epic date. In theory, this would allow them both to continue their college plans after their year-long relationship is over.

  But when the two start to love each other, complications arise.

  Are Clare and Aidan staying together after their big year romance? Or do they fulfill the promise of the covenant and part ways?  

  What happens on their last epic date?

  On their final date, Clare and Aidan visit all the places they’ve spent time together during their year-long relationship. As they visit places like an ice hockey arena and a neighborhood park, the two reminisce about the happy times they shared, and the film pulls back to give us a glimpse of what happened in those places.

  In these moments, we learn more about each of them. We discover that Aida is a perfectionist and Clare is a stubborn and career-oriented girl who values ​​honesty in relationships.

  We also watch as they fall in love with each other despite the occasional falling out along the way. But despite the potential for a long-term relationship, Clare still wants to stick to the terms of the pact, despite Aidan’s best efforts to get her to think otherwise. 

 It’s clear that Clare puts her career dreams above all else, and to make sure she doesn’t lose sight of that on her last night with Aidan, she invites her best friends Stella and Scotty along. This changes the course of Ayda’s plans and she is understandably annoyed by it.

  During the night, Aidan injures his hand and they all end up in the hospital. This gives Clara the opportunity to talk to Aidan’s mother, who learns that her temporary boyfriend has been lying about why he didn’t go to music college. His dishonesty infuriates her, and they spend most of their nights apart after he leaves the hospital.

Aidan and Clare breaking up?

  Aidan believes he has a chance with Clare, despite the tension between them at the end of their last date. But despite their attempts to save their relationship, Clare still wants to stick to the deal they originally agreed to.

  Near the end of the film, Aidan admits defeat and agrees to let Clare pursue her college dreams in Vermont. He decides to take a year off and move to Los Angeles to pursue his musical ambitions.

  Later, during a montage of scenes, we see the two of them enjoying their separate lives.

  Of course, this is not the end of their relationship. Although they are officially separated, they still have feelings for each other. When Clare hears Aidan’s latest song, the two exchange texts and finally decide to meet during Clare’s summer vacation. 

 Their meeting place is the park where the two had one of their first dates. When they meet again, they say “hello” to each other.

  We don’t know for sure if the two resumed their relationship right after the movie ended. However, it’s safe to assume that they’re trying to make things work because those feelings of attraction still haven’t gone away. 

 They’ll still have to say goodbye to each other when they both return to their worlds, but after reconnecting, they’ve likely agreed to a long-distance relationship. Which begs the question…why didn’t they think of this in the first place?

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