Ginny & Georgia Netflix New Web Series Season 1 Episode No 9 Recap And Review

Ginny & Georgia Season 1 Episode No 9 Recap 

Episode 9 of Ginny & Georgia begins with Ginny regretting being mean to Marcus and texting him constantly. Even though Ginny finds out Marcus is in the hospital needing a CAT scan after the accident, he doesn’t text. Looking out the window, he sees Marcus returning home.  

 After cheating on her boyfriend, Georgia sighs and tells Zion that she needs to change. While trying to resolve Kenny’s situation over the phone, Ginny returns to school. Only, things are clearly tense as she refuses to text Hunter and tries to contact Marcus. He tells her that she needs to be brutally honest about her feelings.

  Back home, Austin plays hide-and-seek with Zion, but finds all the letters he sent to his Dad hidden in the closet. Now she knows her Father didn’t actually text her, and she hurries off.

  Zion decides to cook dinner for Georgia and her family. Actually, Ellen is coming to eat too. This obviously creates quite a dilemma, as Clint questions who Georgia is actually dating – especially when Zion announces she’s staying this time.

  The same can be said for Ginny coming to see Marcus. As soon as Padma arrived, she passed out on the bed. When he does, he feels that Ginny likes him. Ginny asks her not to say anything as Padma silently walks away.

  Back at work, Georgia decides to go on the offensive for the elections and fulfill Paul’s promises. She and Nick both agree to do this, as Cynthia finally notices Georgia putting notes in her purse at the bank. The reason for this soon becomes clear as Zion talks to Ginny and tells her that they are breaking up as he has given her a ready-to-go apartment in Boston. She claims that Georgia will talk to Paul that afternoon and break things off.

  Speaking of which, Sophie breaks up with Max because she doesn’t see them working in the future, especially when she goes to college. The girls turn to help, but Ginny takes the opportunity to see Marcus and apologize. Eventually, the pair kiss, but Abby sees them together in their room. She tells Ginny that she and Marcus are having a secret conversation and asks her to keep quiet for now considering how upset Max is.

  After the big rally, Georgia talks to Paul and breaks the news that he slept with Zion. Paul ignores this and tells her that they both love power and are good together. Turns out he has a ring for her too, bought one the day after their first date (Paul, come on mate…) but she tells him to make a choice. This choice is made easier when he returns home and finds Sion packing. He knows how happy she is with Paul and makes things easy for him.

Before he skips town for good, he stops to say goodbye to Ginny while Zion is at work.

  Ginny turns around to find Marcus and the two of them sleeping with each other again. If only Ginny hadn’t cheated on Hunter before now! Anyway, when she gets home, Ginny gets a text from Hunter telling her she needs to talk.

  Flashing back to the past, we see Georgia appear at Zion’s gate after killing Anthony. He laments that she left him and finally lets him in. The two start arguing and fighting as Sion is about to get a job.

  Meanwhile, our PI goes to see a judge who allows him to run a toxicology report to see if Kenny ingested some poisonous plants. Now the screw seems to be turning. That is, until he arrives at the grave site and finds that Kenny’s body is not in his casket.

  If Georgia’s timing is in doubt, Ginny’s certainly isn’t. Maxine checks Marcus’ phone and sees pictures he and Ginny have sent together, including one of Ginny in her bra.

  Episode Review

  The penultimate episode of Ginny & Georgia looks like we’re getting ready for the infamous Netflix battle at the end of season 1. There is so much going on in this show that we don’t have enough time to wrap everything up in a compelling way. turn off satisfactorily.

  For now, Zion’s return adds another dose of drama, but now that he’s gone, it looks like Paul and Georgia will stay together.

  Meanwhile, Ginny’s unresolved love triangle with Marcus and Hunter continues to build, and the end looks like it’s going to explode in a big, messy ball of drama.

  Of course, with both Ginny and Georgia cheating on their partners, will either of them make it in the finale? We have to wait and see.

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