Ginny & Georgia Netflix New Web Series Season 1 Episode No 7 Recap And Review

Ginny & Georgia Season 1 Episode No 7 Recap 

Episode 7. Sporting straight hair, Ginny stifles a smile after Georgia bakes her a cake and sings her happy birthday. Meanwhile, Austin gets a big hug and thanks for the gift. When she mentions Georgia’s real name, Georgia shoves the cake in Ginny’s face.  

 At school, the whole team is having a birthday party for Ginny. Hunter even organizes a tap dance routine for her. Meanwhile, Abby doesn’t look too happy. In fact, he really clashes with the entire crew and struggles to open himself up.

  Meanwhile, the mayoral elections are getting closer and closer as the discussions in the town hall continue. Cynthia and Paul both receive verbal punches. Later, Paul returns to Georgia’s house and starts playing soccer with Austin, accepting her weirdness. Only, Austin continues to hold his anger, which is clearly directed at Zach.

  At work, Georgia calls Marty and asks for help in dealing with the PI who is asking about her. After agreeing to help, he heads home where both Austin and Ginny continue to turn their backs on their mothers.

  Upstairs, Marcus sneaks in and gives Ginny her birthday present, a beautiful painting. Marcus tries to kiss her but she pulls away. After a rather awkward moment involving Paul emerging from the bathroom with a towel around his feet, Georgia announced that she had the whole day planned for her daughter.

  The girls come up with a new plan behind it: “Operation is Weird.” It begins with Ginny taking alcohol out of the cupboard. Ready to get drunk and leave the night, another surprise comes in the form of Jesse and Nick, who show up to wish him a happy birthday. It’s just that Georgia is clearly not happy. He pulls Jesse aside and calls him Gabriel, hinting that he knows who he is.

  That night, the girls sneak out and visit Brody. There, Sophie and Maxine bond but do not have time. Max is very nervous and thankfully Sophie is okay with it. Hunter and Ginny, meanwhile, certainly do. As the party continues, Marcus appears and starts drinking.

  To redeem herself, Georgia calls the police with a noise complaint and decides not to go to the police station to pick up Ginny. Paul is understandably shocked as Ginny shows up to pick him up himself. She gives him encouraging words and admits that Austin really looks up to her. In addition, Paul also admits that he loves his mother.  

 He was abused by his stepfather and has been homeless and incarcerated since he was 14 years old. This is the big secret he’s been keeping and why he’s been assuming a different identity all this time. Of course, that’s not all – killing a defenseless rabbit, shooting Ed in the hand and stealing money remains a mystery. But baby steps.

  In the morning, Georgia paints a picture of her and Zion, bridging the gap between her and her daughter. Before she leaves, Georgia admits that they’re broke.

  Episode Review

  Georgia and Ginny both hit their breaking point this episode. Both characters begin to open up more, and while Georgia is still keeping quite a few secrets from her daughter, she at least admits some of them. Her admission of abuse may have been hinted at before, but it’s still quite a hammer blow to hear.

  Additionally, the show continues to sideline most of its half-baked subplots with the girls all getting drunk and hanging out at Brodie’s. I’m not entirely sure why, but this show has a real tendency to stretch its runtime with numerous dance and singing routines that do nothing for the series.

  Whether or not Georgia’s lies and manipulations will catch up with her this season, where they’ll destroy the perfect life they’ve built for themselves, remains to be seen. For now, on to the next episode!

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