Ginny & Georgia Netflix New Web Series Season 1 Episode No 6 Recap And Review

Ginny & Georgia Season 1 Episode No 6 Recap 

Episode 6 of Ginny & Georgia begins with Georgia being called into the office with Cynthia after Austin stabs Zach in the hand. Austin is interrupted while Cynthia’s offer of therapy is welcomed by Georgia.  

 Given that just a few episodes ago he convinced Austin to break Zach’s nose with a quick punch, it’s no surprise to see his son believe violence is the answer. Georgia’s words in the office are also completely empty, as she openly admits that Zach is coming.

  In the car on the way home, Georgia realizes that her perfect family structure is just beginning to unravel.

  Back home, he talks to Maddie and asks her directly what he did. He even calls her Maryam. It turns out that Maddie works as a client consultant and the man she hit on the hand asks about Ed.

  Turns out he has hooks now and he’s doing just fine. Maddie admits that she found Georgia through social media, which means the PI tracked them down pretty easily too. Anyway, before going to sleep, Maddie shows some pictures of her past, which brings back painful memories of those times she left behind.

  All of these photos are kept in a shoe box in Georgia’s closet, with a photo of her and Anthony in the back. Antony happens to be the guy he stayed with in the past, a sloppy character who has no idea how to take care of children. However, it allows Georgia to remain rent-free.

  Back in the present, Ginny goes on a road trip with Hunter, where the two discuss their relationship and begin kissing. It seems that the problems he had with her a few episodes ago are now gone. In any case, he suggests that she try to keep an open mind about her family. Only, Ginny brings up a very real perspective – if Georgia is lying about her family, what else is she lying about?

  Nick teaches Georgia how to write an invoice at work. Things get tense when Paul shows up, as Nick immediately realizes they’re having love. Georgia is avoiding a lot of money in these client accounts, although it looks like she’s going to rip money off again.  

 Georgia is interrupted by Jesse’s appearance in the office. She takes off with Nick, leaving him alone with the bills. Thankfully, Georgia thinks twice about taking the money and decides against it.

  Maddie appears in the cafeteria and sits with all of Ginny’s friends. Ginny is completely embarrassed and tries to talk to her mother about it that evening.

  Georgia just doesn’t listen and she ignores her daughter, breathes heavily and has trouble controlling herself. For now, Austin stops Caleb from shooting in the garden.

  Maddie and Georgia chat together at a bar where they share stories about the past.  

  Ginny is not happy and throws daggers at her Mother. While Maddie passes out, Marcus talks to Ginny, who confesses that she hates her mother.

  Paul then shows up with flowers at the absolute worst moment. Ginny and Marcus claim that Georgia is upstairs as Joe and Georgia face off. Thankfully, it doesn’t seem like a misunderstanding, as Paul tells Georgia that he wants to know the real her. Joe goes home while Georgia and Paul kiss and work out their differences.

  With Maddie passed out, Georgia checks Maddie’s phone and sees messages from someone named Cordova. Maddie seems to be in cahoots with this person, promising to get them what they want and offering to pay $5,000 for details about Georgia’s life. This Cordova character happens to be the PI we saw earlier.

  In another flashback, we see Georgia refusing to look at Maddie. He leaves young Ginny alone in the bathroom, which of course is very dangerous. Maddie begs her sister not to make her “go back there,” but Georgia is adamant and lets her go. When Maddie leaves, she grabs some of Georgia’s money from her purse and leaves.

This brings us back to the present day as Georgia is waiting for Maddie with her bags ready to go. While the kids stay upstairs, Georgia insults her sister and offers her $10,000, doubling Cordova’s offer, to get her to leave completely and never come back. Just before that, Maddie reveals that she has been abused in the past.

  The next day at school, Ginny has trouble concentrating and ends up being taken home by Hunter. As she leaves, Maxine approaches Sophie and apologizes for Halloween, openly admitting that she really likes her. They settle their differences and agree to try again.

  Returning home, Ginny begins to search for her Mother’s belongings. He finds a shoebox hidden under a closet, including numerous pictures, old clothes, and a gun. Remember, this is a completely different weapon than the one Georgia used to kill rabbits on Halloween.

  Anyway, Georgia shows up and confronts Ginny with her own gun. Georgia slaps her daughter in the face when she calls her Mary as she apologizes for what happened between them and reminds Ginny that she doesn’t want to know the past. Ginny refuses to listen and continues to turn her back on her mother.

  Georgia goes downstairs and burns all her old photos. As the episode ends, Ginny gets a call from her Dad. He answers and says hey because it’s all open for now.


Episode Review

  Episode 6 really feels like a turning point for this show, as everything is amped up and darker than the initial happy atmosphere of the first few episodes suggests.

  It definitely picked up as Ginny & Georgia let go of their influences and started to embrace their own dark story, and there are some really interesting ideas here as well.

  Georgia still hasn’t gotten any restitution for stealing money from the school or the casino night, so we’ll have to wait and see if that comes up later. But what about shooting a rabbit with a silenced pistol in broad daylight? Given how high it is, has anyone seen it for sure?

  There’s a lot of subplots going on here though, and at 6 episodes in, this show has really struggled to balance things out so it won’t leave the losses behind. So far *deep breath*:

  Ginny and Georgia’s mother/daughter relationship, Austin’s psychological problems, two love triangles between Ginny and Georgia, Abby’s body problems, Sophie and Maxie’s will, will they romance, Cynthia’s run for mayor, Nick and his new boyfriend together, the PI investigates and tries to find Georgia , problems with Kenny’s will and Georgia’s financial problems.

  And that’s before even mentioning Georgia’s sister coming to town and rocking. Throw in some important messages about racism and equal rights and it makes for a compelling but ultimately very busy show.

  A board meeting was held where almost everyone brainstormed lots of ideas. Instead of rejecting something, the show’s creators thought they’d add absolutely everything to this 10-episode series.

  It’s still watchable, but it’s messier than it should be, and it’s almost setting up for the dreaded Netflix cliffhanger at the end of the season.

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