Ginny & Georgia Netflix New Web Series Season 1 Episode No 4 Recap And Review

Ginny & Georgia Season 1 Episode No 4 Recap 

Episode 4 of Ginny & Georgia begins with Ginny claiming that men are visual beings. This expression manifests itself through Hunter, who is interested in his bandmate Padma.  

 Ginny is clearly jealous and her prickliness isn’t helped by Hunter’s cold attitude towards her. As Ginny tries to kiss him, Hunter hands her Pride & Prejudice as a gift instead. Ginny tries to kiss her boyfriend, but he keeps interrupting, much to her annoyance.

  Meanwhile, at school, Georgia collects a donation, which is promptly thrown overboard. He decides to spice things up with the idea of ​​adding a casino night.

  Paul agrees to Cynthia’s bake sale idea, making Georgia feel instantly nervous. Back at the office, Paul calls Georgia from HR into the office where Erica is.

  Paul brings up the credit card situation and asks why they are in Austin’s name. Georgia lies and remembers Gil and her being in jail, blaming her and claiming that Gil used Austin’s social security number to open multiple credit cards.

  It just doesn’t make sense considering you need date of birth, name and a bunch of other details that a bank will check and recheck before approving and sending you a credit card. Ah well, the music hints that this is a humorous moment, so let’s suspend disbelief a little now!

  When HR leaves, Georgia decides to continue her web of manipulation and convinces Paul to go ahead with the casino night idea. On the way back, Georgia goes to her house and learns from Ellen that someone is looking around her house and wants to buy the property.

  Meanwhile, Ginny and all her friends discuss Hunter and how he hasn’t moved on yet. In an attempt to be hotter and spice things up, Ginny is determined to take her pictures without visiting Hunter.

  Ginny immediately paces back and forth in her room, waiting for an answer from Hunter that never comes. However, she sees Marcus across the road.

Anyway, Marcus sends messages and says hello, prompting Ginny to send him one too. She even puts on some makeup and starts texting Marcus more intensely. She encourages him to touch himself with a toothbrush.

  In the morning, Ginny receives a text from Hunter apologizing for the accident the night before. It doesn’t seem to say anything about his message or picture.

  This continues to play on Ginny’s mind as she continues to work part-time at the coffee bar. Although Max appears, he begins to complain about his situation, distracting himself from things.

  The casino night continues and Georgia makes the rounds, making sure the drinks are refilled, collecting money for herself. Here’s a pretty neat shot, as he learns from Georgia-watching Nick that they’re only making 3k – less than the bake sale thanks to overhead.

  When Joe shows up, Georgia takes the initiative and grabs the microphone and decides to hold a surprise auction. He puts Joe back on the spot, followed by Paul, who sells principal for $10,000 a day. Cynthia is not completely satisfied, but Paul certainly is.

  Ginny comes to the group night with her friends and breaks the news about birth control. She finally meets up with Hunter and tells him about the picture and asks why he didn’t say anything. She thinks he doesn’t love her, which seems to crush Hunter. Before proceeding, he is called to the stage.

  Hunter dedicates a romantic song to Ginny and then catches her right away. Ginny thinks she’s being judged, but Hunter convinces her it’s not true. He admits he’s hot and the two kiss. Well, that evening she hangs out with Hunter, but gets a text from Marcus saying hi.  

 Episode Review

   Would you feel upset and betrayed if your partner was texting someone else and sending them pictures? would you? Well, that’s exactly what Ginny is doing here.

  If it had been the other way around and Hunter had done this to Ginny, I think this show would have handled the proceedings very differently. It looks like it’s just been thrown aside, though, so it’ll be interesting to see if the show doubles down on this going forward.

  Even so, there’s some great material that’s unfortunately sidelined for this generic love triangle. Abby’s body issues, for example, are a welcome and important addition, but we don’t really see much of them this episode.

  On top of the Marcus/Ginny/Hunter triangle, there’s also Georgia, who is intent on getting wrapped up in her own triangle with Paul and Joe. After stealing money from a casino night and a sophomore dance, he becomes more and more daring. Will it blow up in his face?

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