Copenhagen Cowboy Season 1 New Netflix Web Series Episode 6 Recap And Review

Copenhagen Cowboy Season 1 Episode No 6 Recap 

Episode 6 of Copenhagen Cowboy begins with us at Niklas’ place. With a sword by his side and his sister in bed, Niklas reveals that he has an important task ahead of him and has awakened her specifically to “find a girl”. It’s Miu, of course.  

 Nicklas brings in a hunter and tells him to bring his sister food so that she can soon be back to full strength again. And it doesn’t take long for him to work, he goes into the woods and shoots a man on the phone, blowing his brains out.

  Was Ai returned safely to Hulda?

  Meanwhile, Miu tells Hulda that she is doing a big favor for Chiang in exchange for bringing back her daughter Ai. When they meet in the forest, Miu confirms that the girl will be returned to stay forever. Although he didn’t stay for good, he definitely wouldn’t be taken in by Chiang again.

  Miu and Hulda go to Chiang’s fight club together, and after waiting for the boss, he invites them in. He sits with Ai Chiang as they draw. Ai accidentally draws flowers while Chiang draws snakes. He’s not too happy about the terms of this deal, especially when he reveals that Ai is actually his daughter. He bids her farewell, and the child is returned to Hul, holding up his end of the bargain.

  Does Miu kill Mr. Chang?

  Miu decides to stay at the club, confirming that they will not see each other in the future. With Miu and Chiang alone, we learn the truth of the matter as this club owner walks through the room. He stole her sperm and blood and did it while talking about loving her.  

  Chiang encourages Miu to come to his room that night and help her migraines. However, what emerges is something more dramatic. Chang walks her down a path of petals that night, decides they are meant to be, and asks her to marry him. Miu refuses and the pair fight as a result. A series of strobed shots eventually beats Miu Chiang to a bloody pulp and walks away.

  At Nicklas’ house, our hunter cooks some meat for the resurrected’s meals along with a glass of wine. She eats only a thin slice of meat and immediately confronts Niklas and touches his heart. “You’ve been a naughty boy.” He says. He mentions that there are many “shes”, apparently referring to Miu. Niklas’ sister wears a red jumpsuit and prepares for what’s to come.

What’s going on outside? What are flames?

  Miu returns to the forest and meets several other girls wearing blue overalls. They occur and continue on the body that the hunter shot. The trio walk together in silence, touching each other’s chests as a form of greeting and finding more like-minded souls.

  They take off together and watch a bunch of pink and blue flames in the field. This points to a spaceship of some sort, at least if what we’ve heard before on this show is anything to go by. Anyway, the camera pans and shows multiple girls in these jumpsuits, each one watching the same thing.

  Nicklas’ sister suddenly screams to the heavens, an echo that echoes through all the girls. Miu clutches her ears in pain and begins to cry, as the scene shows several surreal shots of this woman silhouetted and shooting yellow lasers from her eyes.

  How does the Copenhagen cowboy end?

  We then cut to Miroslav having a video call with someone (who looks a lot like Hideo Kojima in sunglasses!) who claims that Miu is now up north. He has already destroyed several people. The man gives Miroslav some survival advice, telling him he should go see the Giants. Only Giants will be able to fight Miu. They told him to be careful as we turned black.

  Episode Review

  So, from what we’ve learned throughout the season, it seems that Miu and the other girls are indeed aliens, and they’re women in blue jumpsuits. It seems Miroslav knows more than he’s letting on, and this could be the body stealers’ attack here. Giants is unlikely to refer to the New York Giants football team, and may indicate that Niklas’ sister is actually one of those “giants”. That would explain why Miu was so afraid of him.  

 Additionally, Miu seems to act as judge, jury, and executioner, deciding to give people a “new life” (like Hulda and her daughter) or causing the death of anyone who comes near her, especially now, in the short run at the beginning of the Season, with Miroslav hair with all elements of dialogue.

  If 1899 was canceled because it got so many views as a mystery series, Copenhagen Cowboy doesn’t stand a chance. The aesthetic and visual style is nice, and there are some really neat shots, but that won’t be enough to keep people hooked.

  Miu has very little character growth because she’s amazing at everything from the get-go, and so she’s never in danger of being hurt. Likewise, the revolving door of characters does nothing to help this, and Niklas’ character is weak and not a threat, especially after the incident in the pigsty.

  Ultimately, Copenhagen Cowboy is an artistic project that can’t last, and when it does, the mystery and narrative are tepid at best. And to top it all off? It ends on a frustrating cliffhanger. What a shame.

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