Copenhagen Cowboy Season 1 New Netflix Web Series Episode 3 Recap And Review

Copenhagen Cowboy Season 1 Episode No 3 Recap 

Episode 3 of Copenhagen Cowboy opens with Mother Hulda confronting a bunch of gangsters. Mr. Chiang berates her for leaving the body to wait for them to dispose of. This explains what he did with the pigs in the back because they fed on dead bodies.  

 As with Rosella, there is an underbelly hidden from view. Chiang is thanked by the new mother, whom Hulda sends off before leaving, while running an underground fight club at Hulda’s Chinese restaurant. Hulda encourages Miu to stay and help at the Dragon Palace. Although Miu decided on her own, she was given a new identity – Jimona.

  Meanwhile, Nicklas, our estranged killer, begins to experience visions as he stares at the flowery wall, disheveled and distant. He is definitely not in his right mind.

  That night at Dragon Palce, the gang reappeared, led by Mr. Chang. He heard about the new girl and wants to see her. Chiang becomes Hulda’s boss and Miu agrees to help. After the baby incident, word spread about his miraculous powers.

  Miu puts the man to sleep and puts her hand over his face, conjuring up visions of the past. These include Hulda turning over a little girl in the middle of the forest. Afterwards, while Chiang is asleep, Miu confidently talks to Hulda, telling her that she knows she is Chiang’s daughter. If she doesn’t pay Mr. Chang, she won’t see him again.

  While Hulda prepares some food for Mr. Chang, Miu hides and talks to him privately off-screen. After leaving, Hulda has a message – “I hope your pigs are hungry.” Of course, another body is dumped for him to take care of, but it’s starting to take its toll on the Chinese restaurant owner. He prays to God and seeks salvation for his deeds, finally taking a chain and breaking the man’s limbs.  

 When one of Hulda’s pigs dies, Chiang sets out to buy more to satisfy his insatiable appetite for eating these corpses. Miu points out, but is ordered to leave the room considering he dragged the woman out during the deal. This house apparently belongs to Niklas and his parents. Finally, they agree on a fee of 5,000 kroner… and Niklas’ father shows off his penis. Well then.

  As for Miu, she’s on a collision course with evil itself as Niklas smokes in the basement and leans against a black coffin. Niklas is nowhere to be seen when Miu goes down to check on him. He continues to wander around the house, moving from place to place, experiencing visions of Cimona.

  Miu talks to Chiang and tells him that he has to go home because he has been seeing visions of Jimona around. He needs to find out why he’s there and see what he can do to help.

  Episode Review

  It looks like Niklas and Miu are on a collision course in the future, and there’s a lot of symbolism around that throughout the episode. Seeing Nicklas leaning against that coffin that could hold Cimona inside is a nice way to hint at Miu’s near death.

  Although we still know very little about our hero, who spends most of the series wandering from room to room, performing various rituals and seemingly performing miracles. The show has a lethargic pace, and while the soundtrack and aesthetics do the heavy lifting here, the show’s story is surprisingly light in the way of development. I hope the second half of the show can breathe some life into it

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