Copenhagen Cowboy Season 1 New Netflix Web Series Episode 2 Recap And Review

Copenhagen Cowboy Season 1 Episode No 2 Recap 

Episode 2 of Copenhagen Cowboy starts with a dark mood in the club. Gimona is gone, Andre is not happy if we find out he drowned. He asks the girls what’s going on, but none of them seem to know. When Andre threatens to ax one of the girls, one speaks up and claims that Miu is responsible. He blames Miu for putting the thoughts in his head.  

 As for Miu, she spies Rosella’s niece making friends with a boy named Dardan at the diner. He promises to keep their fling a secret and not tell Rosella. Back at home, Miu emerges from the basement and prepares to confront Rosella, who is with her mystic. The pair wear goggles to ward off Miu, whom they liken to a “demon from the basement.”

  Mystique claims that Miu is unlucky and it’s actually her bloodline. The blood appears to belong to Miu, and he calls Miu a black bird that brings no happiness but only destruction.

  Rosella grabs her shotgun and tells Sven to keep an eye on Miu so she doesn’t run away. As for Rosella, she shows up at Andre’s club to unload on her. He decides to give Miu to her, but she refuses. That is, until Rosella reveals that Miu is a virgin. He suggests an 80/20 split.

  Andre’s men come to pick him up, while Sven is knocked on all fours by Rosella, called a pig, and accused of sleeping with Miu. She shakes her head vigorously, but Rosella doesn’t believe her.

  At the club, Miu is put in front of a screen and forced to read a series of statements… until Miu points out that Darda actually saw Andre’s daughter behind her. Andre brings his daughter to the club and asks in private. He doesn’t deny it, and in fact, promises to completely screw Miu up the next time he sees her. The pair seem to be in love, prompting Andre to bring Darda into the room. He decides that the couple will get married and Dardan is forced to write a guest list. Oh, and he’ll pay for it himself. 

 Cimona broadcasts and sends a picture of Miu catching the attention of the man who killed Nicklas. When he zooms in on her picture, we cut back to the club, where Miu grabs a pair of scissors and takes the chance to beat up the guard and escape with a few other women.

  Miu comes across a Chinese restaurant called Dragon Palace and decides to sit and wait. He doesn’t talk much, but the owner, Hulda Ana, tells him the kitchen is closed. Arne, the old man next to the slot machine, is encouraged to go. As for Miu, she is also told to leave considering they are tied. As she leaves the floor, a pregnant girl runs up to the front door and asks Hulda for help. Miu overhears and runs into the owner who is feeding his pigs in the back and tells him that he needs her.

  Miu hides as Hulda pulls her back to give birth to the girl. Considering Miu was still there, they told her to go get some towels. The baby is stillborn, Miu grabs the baby and punches him in the face to hold his hand. Suddenly the child revives and starts crying. Hulda is shocked.

  Miu finally asks for a place to stay and is offered room 11. In the middle of the night, Miu returns to see Rosella with her wrists tied to the bed. When Rosella wakes up, Miu claims she was 7 years old when she was abducted by aliens.  

  Episode Review

  The slow pace continues, although the end of this episode hints that things will pick up a bit after Miu burns down Rosella’s house. It will be debated whether the aliens mentioned here are legal aliens or refer to the inhuman term that people call immigrants.  

 This dreamy, surreal arthouse project is certainly unique, but that doesn’t always make for a good show. Plot wise we know very little about Miu, she is mostly quiet and the supporting characters are a combination of poor and underdeveloped and mostly unlikable characters.

  There’s a lot of scope for this to improve in the future, but we’ll have to wait and see if that happens.

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