Chainsaw Man Episode No 11 Recap And Review

Chainsaw Man Episode 11

Chainsaw Man episode 11 begins with Hayakawa meeting Future Devil and asking him what he would like to trade for his skills. The future Devil tells Hayakawa that he will allow him to use his powers if he allows him to remain in his right eye.  

Future Devil asks Hayakawa if he wants to know how he will die in the future. Hayakawa tells him that he doesn’t want to know how he will die. He is only concerned with eliminating his targets. Meanwhile, Master defeats Power and Denji during training, but notices that they are improving. He announced that he would train them once a week from now on. Master informs them that they will go after the Snake Devil and the gentleman who killed Himeno and the others.

  He later meets with Master Makima, who thanks him for teaching Denji and the Force. The master admits that he is tired of them, but feels connected to them. Master Snake brings up the Public Safety incident with Devil Woman and Katana Man. He was annoyed that Makima didn’t do anything to stop it. Makima refutes his bold claims by reminding him that he was attacked. The master does not buy. He tells Makima that he doesn’t care what dastardly scheme he’s up to.

  He will allow it as long as it serves the interests of humanity. Makima tells him that he wants to protect people from demons. He does not get used to his lies. He tells the mundane Yakuza that they should watch their backs because he and Katana Man don’t have to worry about Public Safety. He worries about Makima’s survival. Katana Man reveals that he has a once-deadly army of zombies who can’t pay their debts.

  Kurose asks Hayakawa about his pursuit of the Weapon Demon. He doesn’t think Hayakawa has what it takes to defeat him and reveals that the Gun Devil is responsible for him and Tendo getting involved with Public Safety. They let him go to the Public Security Headquarters.

  Kurose tells Hayakawa that even though Hayakawa’s presence bothers him, he will root for him. Meanwhile, Makima meets with a yakuza boss and demands answers about the Public Security ambush. The yakuza boss shows Makima a picture of Snake Devil user Sawatari.

Makima asks the yakuza boss to give him the names of everyone in his organization, along with other families. This doesn’t sit well with a yakuza boss, as it could lead to a major war between factions. Makima gives the man a bag of eyes taken from the sockets of each family member. Makima promises to restore someone’s eyes to normal if they cooperate. This enrages one of the yakuza boss’s men, but looking into his eyes causes the man to pass out.

  Meanwhile, Public Security finds Sawatari and Katana Man’s hideouts and surrounds him. Sawatari plans to kill everyone around the building while protecting Denji’s heart. He will then summon the Serpent Devil to help him escape. Denji, Power, Hayakawa and Kobeni enter the building. An officer and a member of the 2nd unit approach the Master and we learn that his real name is Kishiba. Kishibe informs them of the task of ensuring that the ground floor and basement areas are sealed.

  The special unit will deal with the terrorists inside. He warns them that this unit is made up of non-humans and they won’t cause trouble if they get out. He warns them about the Shark Fiend, Violent Demon, Spider Devil, and Angel Devil and gives a brief description of their abilities. Hayakawa tells Denji, Power, and Kobeni to follow him and release the zombies to the other demons and devils. They will go towards Sawatari and Katana Mana, but will be separated.

  Hayakawa reaches Sawatari thanks to Makima killing some of his minions with his mysterious abilities from afar. Hayakawa and Sawatari engage in battle. Sawatari reveals that he received some abilities from Himeno’s former ally Ghost Devil. Sawatari was impressed by Hayakawa’s growth. However, Hayakawa uses Future Devil’s powers to see into the future to evade his attacks. The episode ends with Ghost Devil choking Hayakawa into submission.  

Episode Review

  This episode of Chainsaw Man takes an interesting cliffhanger. It’s crazy to think that Sawatari’s Hayakawa’s ex-partner is using the devil’s powers to squeeze his life out. Although it was clear that Hayakawa would be saved by Denji or the Force, it was a scary sight to behold. Fans might have thought that Hayakawa would have a better fight than Sawatari due to his new powers.

  Having him in a tight spot not only shows how powerful Sawatari is, but also helps subvert fan expectations for the series moving forward. Let’s hope Hayakawa can be saved before it’s too late. Cliffhanger aside, this episode continues to build on Makima’s mysterious presence. Kishibe’s conversation with him will leave viewers wondering if he is an ally or a secret villain.

  The way he speaks and reacts to his terrifying power, many fans may wonder if he has malicious intent. Although Gun Devil is the main antagonist of our series, Makima gives a stronger bad vibe. Speaking of Kishibe, it’s nice to know he’s not completely heartless. He shows some attachment to Power and Denji in his own way.

  It’s great to see another side of him so early on, even if he’s not as vain as people might expect. The new devils and devils introduced this week also have interesting abilities. I’m sure many fans can’t wait to see them mingle with our cast in future seasons if they survive.

  Overall, this was a fun installment of Chainsaw Man leading up to an interesting climax. Hopefully this season finale can leave fans with a satisfying conclusion to pump up for the next story bits.

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