Black Phone Movie Plot And Ending Explained

Black phone plot summary

  If you’ve ever been locked in a basement and a black phone starts ringing in the corner of the room, we suggest you answer it. If you’re haunted by a particularly sadistic serial killer in a hideous mask, the caller on the phone may be your means of escape. Alternatively, it could be a wrong number or an external call centre, but it’s worth picking up the phone just in case! 

 Black Phone’s 13-year-old protagonist, Finney, decides to answer the call in Scott Derrickson’s terrifying new horror film. It’s a good thing that in doing so, he gets guidance from previous victims of the Grabber, the crazed madman who kidnapped this hapless young teenager.


 Is he running away from Grabber’s basement?  
  How was Finney kidnapped?
  The film is set in 1978, a time when children were allowed to roam free without much parental supervision. During this time, there were very few security cameras to witness crimes committed, and since cell phones did not exist, children had no means of calling for help. 

 This was bad news for real-life kids around America whose faces often end up on milk cartons. That’s bad news for Finny, the fictional hero of The Black Phone.

  During the conversation, Finney notices black balloons in the back of the man’s van. He is immediately alarmed because his sister Gwen, a young girl with psychic abilities, had previously warned him that the balloons were somehow connected to a killer on the run who had become a bit of an urban myth around the neighborhood.

  But before Finny can get away, the man grabs him, injects him with some kind of substance, and puts him in the back of his van.

  With no one around noticing the abduction, Finny is now at the mercy of Grabber, a deranged psychopath who has murdered a number of children in the local area.

  What happens to Finny?

  Finny is taken to a house in an unknown location and locked in the basement. There is nothing in the room but a bed and a disconnected black phone. 

 Grabber doesn’t hurt Finney, but says he’ll hurt the kid if he tries to escape.

  Finney is trapped, but when Grabber forgets to lock the cellar door, he decides to escape, defying his previous warning. As Finny prepares to run, the black phone Rings.

  Thankfully, it’s not someone claiming to be from the Amazon call center with reports of suspicious account activity!

  The caller is actually Bruce, the ghost of one of Grabber’s previous victims. He informs Finny of an empty tile in the basement and the presence of a grime below that may be Finny’s escape route.

 Unfortunately, Finney can’t use this advice to get out of trouble, but when the phone starts ringing again, he picks up the phone and talks to Billy, the ghost of another victim, who shows Finney another escape route from the basement. the window.

  Unfortunately, Finney is unable to get through the window, but later receives a call from another dead boy, Griffin, who unlocks the house’s main door.

  Finney goes upstairs and escapes through the door, but it isn’t long before Grabber catches him and throws him back into the basement.

  Is Finney convicted?

  Finny has little chance of survival, but is helped by Grabber’s other victims, who use a black phone to connect to him. One of these is Robin, the ghost of a tough young man Finny used to befriend, who tells him the best way to escape is to fight the Grabber.

  As Finney wonders what he must do to outwit the serial killer, the police begin searching for him after being tipped off by Gwen, who spots him.

  Elsewhere, Grabber’s brother Max begins to realize the killer’s identity. He goes to Grabber’s house and finds Finny in the basement. Unfortunately, he isn’t much use to the trapped teenager as he can lead him to safety before his evil brother attacks him from behind and kills him with an axe. 

 Finney escapes from the basement?

  Finney must get past the Grabber to escape the basement. Thankfully, thanks to Robin, who knows how to do this, her chances of escaping increase. At the behest of his dead friend, he fills the black phone with soil, lays a wire trap on the ground, and digs it underground.

  When Grabber comes down from the basement moments later, Finny is able to hit him with the black phone. When the Grabber is confused, Finney pulls the wire and causes the demented madman to fall into the hole, later breaking his leg. Instead of running away, Finney decides to tie the phone cord around Grabber’s neck and strangle him.

  The phone rings once more before the killer takes his last breath. Finny places it next to his captor’s ear so he can hear the innocent children he killed taunting him from across the grave. Finney then pulls the rope and ends the masked menace’s life.

  Finney is then able to escape from the basement, where he is met by his sister and the police, who have located him. His alcoholic father arrives on the scene and is relieved to see his son alive, promising to be a better father to him and Gwen.

   Not only did he save himself from the Grabber’s evil intentions (with the help of his soulmates), but he also saved other neighborhood kids who were supposed to be paying more attention to the whereabouts of their parents after the events of this movie.

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