Black Phone 2 Movie Release Date, Black Phone 2 Update

Black phone plot summary

  Scott Derrickson’s new horror film Black Phone is based on a short story written by horror writer Joe Hill and stars Ethan Hawke 

  It’s a dark story to be sure, but despite the grim nature of the plot, it won many fans during its theatrical run. Reviews of the film have been mostly strong, with Hawke giving an unusually cool performance. 

 If you’ve seen the end of Black Phone, you might think that a sequel is impossible. However, both the star and the director seem open to the next film.

  What happens on the Black Phone?

  We won’t tell you much about what happens in the movie because that would give away too many spoilers. You should read our article Explaining the End to get a little more insight.

  But if you’ve seen the trailer for Black Phone, you’ll know that it’s basically about 13-year-old Finny Shaw, who is kidnapped by a sadistic killer. He has no way of escaping his tragic end at the hands of this masked psychopath, but then the black phone conveniently placed in his dark room starts ringing.

  As the trailer introduces it, you’ll know it’s The Grabber’s victims!

  With their help, Finny does everything in his power to escape the clutches of the madman.


  We can’t say for sure since we haven’t received a phone call from Joe Hill (or anyone in the spirit world who knows the answer).

  Since we don’t know much about The Grabber in Black Phone, the prequel story could be interesting. The lack of plot involving this character was the only flaw in an otherwise excellent horror film.

  A prequel could focus on his backstory, his relationship with his brother (briefly depicted in the first film), and the horrific events that eventually clouded his mind.

  If Derrickson decides to do a direct continuation of the first film’s storyline, he may focus on a new hero who will face off against The Grabber. If that was the case, it would be a very different movie than the first movie (trying not to give away spoilers). It’s not out of the realm of possibility that Hawke could once again don the creepy face mask, just as many other horror films in the past have found new ways to bring back their killers.

  When can The Black Phone 2 be released?

  Since the first film was a hit, we imagine it won’t be long before a sequel/prequel hits the screens, as the studio will want to capitalize on the success of the original. If it gets the green light, we imagine it could be 2024 or 2025.

  But as we said, nothing is confirmed yet. While we’re hoping a sequel will happen (as long as it’s not a cash grab), it may be a while before we hear any definitive news.

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