Big Bet Korean Web Series Season 1 Episode No 5 Recap And Review

Big Bet Season 1 Episode No 5 Recap 

Episode 5 of Big Bet opens with Moo-sik arriving at the Bolton Casino and marveling at its size. He talks to Mr. Jeon and admits that he intends to make an offer for the place. He will make it happen despite the concerns. As he offers 100 million pesos as a deposit, he tells Jeon to leave to talk to his superiors.  

 After dropping the bags on the floor, he goes to a nearby restaurant, waiting for their answer. Although the initial answer is still no, Moo-sik is determined to follow through and get what he wants.

  Jung-pal manages to find a way to come as the Casabee Hotel, pretending to be sick because of the rain outside. So-jung helps him and manages to get him a room. But as soon as they walk in together, Jung-pal starts kissing her, and the pair spend an eventful morning in bed.

  When Jung-pal returns, he finds Mu-sik on the couch. Jung-pal wants his new love to come to their hotel, but Mu-sik refuses. Finally, he meets Professor Na and Suk-woo, who discuss the Philippines. Moo-sik starts oiling them, but that’s part of the plan. Mu-sik sinks his claws into wealthy financier Suk-woo and calculates his net worth. From there, she determines the boy’s likes and hobbies.

  After going out and playing golf together, Moo-sik cleverly convinces Suk-woo to come and gamble at the casino. While his wife and daughter shop together, Suk-woo begins to play. Moo-sik’s plan works like a charm and the boy wins 10 million pesos before the couple leaves together. There, Moo-sik upgrades the man’s flights to Business Class instead of economy, further cementing their bond.

  While this is going on, news is spreading that 2 Koreans have been found dead, killed by Filipino gang members. The fact that the incident happened in the daytime while the investigation is being conducted causes a big headache for the authorities. This affects tourism and needs to be addressed.

  Although we’re back with Moo-sik and Suk-woo, the latter is well and truly in the zone. He asks a new friend who wants to gamble to borrow 100 million pesos. Finally, Moo-sik agrees, but it’s all a clever ruse for our hero to waste his money. And a cure works.

  In the middle of this, Jung-pal calls his girlfriend So-jung. He is outside his apartment and has seen everything. Now, at the beginning of the episode, Philip and So-jung joined the high-rolling Mrs. Ko for dinner, and eventually returned to the latter’s apartment, where they had love. Feeling betrayed, Jung-pal throws away the flowers and walks down the street.  

 Episode Review

  Big Bet is back this week with another exciting drama. Sure, we get to see Moo-sik grease Suk-woo and the situation with Jung-pal, but not much else. The show is still interesting but cries out for an extra dose of drama that is missing here.

  However, it’s good to see more supporting characters, something that was lacking in previous episodes. Poor Jung-pal though, he’s been betrayed by So-jung, and that’s not likely to go well in the upcoming episodes!

  Big Bet certainly looks like it will be up to speed and next week’s episode should be good.

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