Big Bet Korean Web Series Season 1 Episode No 3 Recap And Review

Big Bet Season 1 Episode No 3 Recap 

Episode 3 of Big Bet begins with Moo-Sik promising to pay back the money he borrowed from Sang-Gu and his thugs. He dissuades them from threatening them with a gun, but that’s the least of his problems. Although Seok-Jun offers him a solution, Moo-Sik starts from scratch. Seeing promise from his previous endeavors, he encourages him to become a business partner in the casino business.  

Moo-Sik heads to the airport next, where Joon-Hyun encourages him to sweeten things up with NTS, so they can even lower the fees and the amount he has to pay. He could end up in jail and have to pay a huge fine, but I wonder why Moo-Sik hasn’t been charged yet. He spoke to a tax accountant who decided the best course of action was to tell NTS he had no money and try to negotiate a deal. Just then, Mu-seok receives a message from his mother. Kyung-Duk is dead.

  Later, in 1983, we returned to Daejeon. Moo-Sik’s teacher, Jin-Seok, scolds Moo-Sik for constantly getting into trouble, eventually ordering him to look after his child. Back home, Kyung-duk drops some money to buy “antibiotics.” In fact, he is really in love and makes his son go out and buy drugs for him. Unfortunately, addiction affects the whole family.

  Mu-Sik keeps his promise to Jin-Seok and goes to see his daughter Cheri. Despite falling asleep on the couch, Jin-Seok sees potential. He encourages Moo-Sik to go to college and make his mother happy. He even receives an envelope filled with 100,000 won. “Read hard and dream big.” Jin-Seok says.

  When Moo-Sik goes home, he sees his father coming at Suk-Jay with a knife. Moo-Sik has lived enough. He pushes Kyung-Duk, who is high on drugs. He warns his father not to approach them and walks away.

  Moo-Sik comes to see NTS and learns his fate. He was given an additional payment of 8 billion won. Much less than the 45 billion given to Chi-Young… but not enough. Moo-Sik tries to fight his case, claiming that he gave all his money. He also tries to put the blame on Chi-young, which doesn’t go over well.  

 Moo-Sik manages to talk them down to 16 million won, but it’s not enough. Finally, he forces them to take it at a 90% discount from the principal amount, even begging on his knees. Definitely a cure that works!

  Mu-sik returns to Manila and pays Sang-gun back with interest. He encourages Sang-gun not to use a gun because it betrays trust. He even offers Sang-gun to come on board with his new operation with a 5% commission and works to send money. Before they part ways, Sang-gu reveals the truth about what Dong-geok really thinks of Mu-sik. We’ve seen some from this last episode, but here’s Sang-gu breaking the news that it’s been played.

  Moo-Sik meets his high school friend and decides to cut ties. After reading Sang-gun’s words, Dongeok looks angry and slams the glass on the table. Moo-Sik calls his bluff and tries to stab our hero with a pair of scissors. He can’t do that. Realizing that Sang-gun is telling the truth, he offends the man and tells him not to call himself a gangster again.

  After working with Seok-Jun for a long time, Moo-Sik manages to get lucrative money and a new opportunity. He was sent to recover money stolen from the casino. Part of this includes taking Mr. Min’s crazy bonds and returning to Korea to repay the money received. He’s pretty good at it too, learning scare tactics from his father and managing to get the funds back one way or another.

  Our flashbacks in this episode take us to 1987, where Moo-Sik’s carpentry teacher encourages him to lower his standards. Despite scoring a 285 on his tests (a really high and impressive score that allows him to get into any college), Moo-Sik is forced to attend an easy technical school in Daejeon, where he ironically meets his wife.

With protests starting in the streets, Moo-Sik finds himself in the middle of it all. While the students are being beaten by the police, Moo-Sik sees Su-Jin (his wife-to-be) being held by an officer. He fights them off and tries to save her, but ends up being arrested.

  The detectives at the police station are convinced he’s involved in the whole protest, and it’s not helped by everyone chanting “Let Cha Moo-Sik go.” Suk-Ja arrives at the police station crying, believing that Moo-Sik is now a communist. Well, fast forward in time and he gets up to give a big speech and becomes the student council spokesperson.

  Episode Review

  The third episode of Big Bet takes a slight twist and sees Moo-Sik immediately stand up after hinting that he will struggle and be forced to cash in. It’s a little disappointing to suddenly see that change and see Moo-Sik succeed so quickly.

  Also, the show has a certain edge to it and Moo-Sk’s character is interesting and well defined. The flashbacks really help flesh this out, and the last few episodes, where we see the 70s and 80s in more detail, intertwine around real-life events like the student protests. The ending hints that we have more drama to come and next week’s episode should be quite an interesting watch.

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