Big Bet Korean Web Series Season 1 Episode No 2 Recap And Review

Big Bet Season 1 Episode No 2 Recap 

Episode 2 of Big Bet begins in 2001 with the opening of Moo-Sik’s casino. The earth is flourishing. They are open 24/7, the food is great and they make good money. So naturally things go wrong. Investigators from the National Tax Service arrive and immediately demand to see Chi-Yong.  

 As a result, Moo-Sik cleared all the places. He is with Chi-Young and decides to run away, realizing that the jig is up. Moo-Sik instructs Chi-Young to hide in Seoul and he tries to handle it himself.

  At the Daejeon Regional Tax Office, Sang-Chul is questioned about his involvement in opening the casino. He is trying to make a point for himself, claiming to be just a two-bit player, despite owning a 20% stake in the business. The thing is, if he doesn’t play ball with the authorities, he’ll take the blame for everything.

  So, of course, Chi-Yang is found and brought. He calls Moo-Sik and advises him, realizing that he needs to run. Before that, Mu-Sik instructs Jong-Hyun to follow Chi-Young and help her when needed.

  Later, in 1982, we returned to Daejeon. In the year above, Mu-Sik and his friends are cornered by several classmates, led by a boy named Sun-Gil. Moo-Sik more than his own hand. Unfortunately, things go awry when he enlists his bully father. He pushes Sukja that night and confronts Moo-Sik, brandishing a knife in the process. That is, he escaped from prison until Kyung-duk showed up. He encouraged Sun-Gil to stab him, but after cutting his own chest, the man turned and ran.

  Interestingly, this encounter brings Moo-Sik and Sun-Gil closer together. This is an important connection, especially when we go back to 2001. Moo-Sik walks in to see Sun-Gil, who is flying to Manila. It’s certainly a productive trip considering it shows a casino with countless different machines and is run by Seok-Jun.

  The point is that the tax office is sniffing around and the officials are ready to find him and bring him. Moo-Sik lays low and hides in a motel. He decides to help his son, as he dreams of becoming a great football player, and gives the whole pile of money for his friend.

  Unfortunately, Moo-Sik’s luck starts to turn as he gambles it all away, losing more than he brings in. The house always wins, and despite borrowing 10 million pesos, Mu-Sik offers another 1 million pesos. Seok-jun. In less than 3 months, he loses 18 billion won… including the million he borrowed.  

Mu-Sik gets even worse in the dumps when Kang Min-Jung—the woman overseeing his case at the tax office—gives him a ring. She brings up unpaid taxes and wants him to come back and pay. He threatens to prosecute her and even promises to involve Interpol. Dejected, Moo-Sik hangs up the phone, hastily calls his wife and tries to get her transferred to the Philippines. However, his gambling addiction becomes his downfall as he forecloses on his apartment.

  Since Moo-Sik doesn’t play ball, Chi-Young gets thrown in jail. While there, Moo-Sik reveals that he made a deal with the other workers, deciding to get a share of the profits in exchange for coughing up 50 million won each. However, this is based on not letting the robbers in and keeping them out of the casino. This works to sweeten the staff and make them work harder. He also reveals how Moo-Sik has a good reputation around the country and earns 7 or 8 billion won from the machines alone.

  As for Moo-Sik, he’s in hot water after gambling away all his money, and even though he promises to pay back the thugs led by Sang-Gun, things aren’t looking good.

  Episode Review

  Moo-Sik is now in big trouble, and his gambling addiction is ultimately his downfall. For anyone who has seen how devastating this addiction can be, Big Bet does a good job of covering how widespread it can be and how completely it can destroy a person’s livelihood and life.

  How on earth Moo-Sik will pay back all that money is anyone’s guess. But with another episode airing today, thankfully we don’t have to wait too long to find out how he does it!

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