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After the plot summary

  The 2019 film “After” is the first of a five-part film series. It tells the story of Teresa ‘Tessa’ Young, a college freshman and a young English major. Her love of romance novels causes her to clash with her roommate, Steph’s friend Hardin Scott. Hardin is someone who doesn’t believe that love exists and the two clash several times during class.  

 Despite their clash, Tessa is drawn to Hardin. Tessa has a boyfriend in high school, Noah, but after meeting Hardin, she can’t draw the line and ends up going to see him when Hardin needs help, leaving Noah alone in his dorm.

  How does Tessa’s mother react to seeing her with Hardin?

  After Tessa breaks up with Noah, she starts dating Hardin. One day, Tessa’s mother, Carol, finds Tessa talking to Hardin in her college dorm.

  Tessa’s mother says she ruined her life with a guy like Hardin. She is upset by what her mother said and tells Carol. To teach Tessa a lesson, Carol interrupts Tessa and warns her about Hardin.

  What does Hardin offer to help Tessa?

  Learning that Tessa is cut off financially, Hardin takes Tessa to an apartment he claims belongs to someone he knows. He says that since Tessa can’t afford to live in the dorms, they can live there. Tessa is hesitant at first, but eventually agrees to live with Hardin.

  How does Tessa find out about the bet?

  Tessa and Hardin were pretty strong one day when Molly claimed Hardin had lied to Tessa. Tessa ignores the warning, but one day finds texts from Molly on Hardy’s phone. In the texts, Molly threatened to tell Tessa and asked Hardin to meet her friends at a regular diner.  

 Tessa follows Hardy to the cafeteria and learns from Molly that Hardy’s friends challenged him to a bet with Tessa. After the first party where Tessa dares to kiss Hardin, Molly and the others make a bet with Hardin to make Tessa fall in love with him.

  After watching the video of Hardy’s bet, Tessa is heartbroken and wants nothing to do with him. He interrupts Hardin and leaves without hearing his explanation.

  What does Tessa do at the end of After?

  Now that Tessa has nowhere to go but the apartment she shares with Hardin, Tessa goes to Lando’s house and crashes there for a while. A few days later, Tessa returns to her mother’s house and apologizes to Carol for not trusting her while asking her to stay away from Hardin. Tessa apologizes to Noah for cheating on her and the two reconcile as friends.

  What is written in Hardy’s letter to Tessa?

  After Tessa returns to the University to take her finals, Literature Professor Tessa gives Hardy an assignment. He claims that the essay is mainly aimed at Tessa and is something she should read. Tessa goes to the secret place Hardy took her to and reads the letter.

  In this letter, Hardin apologizes to Tessa for lying to him and misbehaving with her when they were together. Hardin also admitted that he was in love with Tessa throughout their relationship, despite the bet. Hardin explains how important Tessa is to him, noting that she changed his life just by being with him.

  After reading the letter, Tessa ends up waiting alone by the lake, imagining herself sitting next to Hardy.

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